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Hurray for summer: Gak, slime, pizza, kabobs
Carsten and Kellan have fun in the kitchen making their very own slime.
Carsten and Kellan have fun in the kitchen making their very own slime.
Summer has arrived, and that means kids need things to do. My boys are thoroughly enjoying summertime, and so am I. I don't miss the hurried schedule of the school year and my hectic commute. Instead we are able to relax and make our own schedule each day.

Give spaghetti sauce a delicious twist
The key to great spaghetti is a delicious sauce that's been allowed to simmer for hours as layers of flavor meld together.
Red, white and blue - and barbecue
Fireworks and food are the best parts of the Fourth of July. If you're planning a backyard dig out the red and white checkered tablecloth and prepare a patriotic feast bursting with pride. To celebrate America's birthday, be sure to add some red, white and blue to your menu too.
For the new school year, meals that get top marks
If you've been out buying school supplies, school clothes, shoes and backpacks, you are getting ready to begin a new school year. The much anticipated school year brings much excitement for children, but a new level of stress for parents.
Secret ingredients add surprise to your foods
Everyone loves the element of surprise, and what better way to surprise your family than with food? If you don't try something new now and then, your family would be stuck eating the same boring food time and time again.
Homemade marinades add tasty, tenderizing touch
A good homemade marinade not only adds flavor to your meat, but it's also healthful. Ditch the bottled stuff and make your own at home. Marinades are simple to prepare, and they will keep your meat moist and tender as you bake, roast or grill.
Get creative with burger recipes
Burgers taste great any day of the year, but they taste even better in the summer when they're grilled in your own backyard and eaten outside.
Make summer sweet, juicy, healthful
The hot temperatures are here to stay. The beginning of summer isn't officially until June 21, but my family has already been enjoying outdoor festivals and swimming in the outdoor pool at our fitness center.
Cooking for a crowd: Delores Schaeuble shares the recipe
The hustle and bustle of a busy household was the norm for the Schaeuble family of Carroll. In the late 1960s they built a house on North Main Street. The doors on their home swung open and closed on a regular basis, as two parents and 10 children went on their way to school, work, errands and activities.
It's easy to add pizazz to pork chops
Instead of grabbing a package of ground beef or chicken breasts for dinner, reach for pork instead. Pork chops are an effortless way to add pizazz to dinner time. Take the time to add a little flavor to pork, and it will go a long way.
Dessert bars: Sweet and easy-to-make
Everyone has a weakness, and one of mine is dessert bars, specifically the corner piece. I love bars because of their simplicity. A pan of bars is much faster and easier to make than batches of cookies. Bars are also easy to slice up and store, and bars are ideal for transporting to potlucks and picnics. Once you're at your destination, just grab and go, no forks needed.
Eggs-cellent choice: Omelets filling, healthful
An omelet makes a filling and healthful meal anytime of the day. There are endless possibilities for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Large omelets can be made to share or individual omelets can be made one at a time.
More Easter treats: Recipes for leftovers
We were fortunate to have absolutely perfect weather for Easter weekend. Our family spent Saturday morning at Living History Farms in Clive for their annual family Easter party. Our boys, Kellan, 6, and Carsten, 3, took part in traditional egg and toy hunts, Easter bonnet races, and egg races. They also visited with the Easter Bunny, rode a horse-drawn wagon and petted bunnies in a historic barn.
Easy recipes give Easter meal extra color, flavor
Celebrate spring with an array of easy recipes that will add plenty of color and flavor to your Easter meal. These recipes won't take your time away from what's truly important: dyeing Easter eggs, filling baskets with jelly beans and spending time with your loved ones.
Enjoy a bucket full of summer fun
School is almost out for summer vacation and parents may be wondering how to keep their children busy and active. Shannon Collins has already come up with ideas to enjoy summer with her three children, as well as her daycare children.

Shannon and her husband, Mike, live in Omaha, Neb., with their children Cody, 16, Emily, 12, and Noah, 6. Mike is originally from Lake View and is a maintenance engineer at Yahoo! Data Center. He is the son of Nora and Elroy Panbecker of Pocahontas and the late Gerald Collins.

Favorite foods feature some rich history
My mom, Ann Wilson, recently lent me her cookbook “American Century Cookbook: The Most Popular Recipes of the 20th Century” by Jean Anderson. The cookbook published in 1997 provides a wealth of information as the author spent ten years tracking recipes, foods, food trends, and appliances from 1900 onward.
Today's kitchens go high-tech, but favorite recipes are timeless
Think back to a time when meals took hours to prepare without the timesaving kitchen appliances and gadgets we have today. Before we could pop our dinner in the microwave, drive-thru to pick up dinner or place an online order for pizza to be delivered. There was very little choice but to make meals from scratch.
'93 CHS grad sees world but is at home in the kitchen
Since graduating from Carroll High School in 1993, Jenny (Rose) Thorne, has lived in the U.S. only for a combined period of a little over five years. The rest of the time she has lived on military bases in Germany, South Korea and Japan before returning to the U.S. in August 2010 with her two daughters, Maya, 5, and Kayla, 3. Her husband, Dustin Thorne, joined her in January 2011.

The Thorne family lives in Omaha, Neb. Jenny is a stay-at-home mom and recently started teaching Water Boot Camp at the Millard YMCA. She is a daughter of Paul and Janet Rose of Carroll.

Let's go fishing for some delicious seafood recipes
My favorite food, hands down, is Alaskan king crab. It is something I rarely get to enjoy, but if I ever have the chance (and the change), I indulge. My love of seafood began as a young child on a very long trip out East with my family.
Get hooked on some healthful fish dishes
More and more Americans are seeking ways to create more healthful meals. Fish is a low-fat, high quality protein. It is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is also rich in calcium and a wonderful source of minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium.
The way to someone's heart is through stomach
There is no better time than Valentine’s Day to show your sweetheart how much you love them by selecting a gift from the heart.

According to www.everythingvalentinesday.com, the top ten most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts are: an MP3 player, roses, chocolates, a CD of romantic songs, a mobile phone, a trip to a favorite destination, jewelry, a special outing, a framed photo of the two of you, and perfume.

A winter's bounty of flavor-packed soups
As a child, I enjoyed the old folk tale, “Stone Soup,” in which hungry travelers persuade a village to give them food. As a teacher, I still enjoy reading this book to my students from my original paperback copy. The story teaches a lesson of cooperation even in hard times.
Pat's recipe for delighting holiday house of family
Thirty-five years ago, on Dec. 22, Dick and Pat Hogan were married. Pat explains, “It was kind of an odd time of the year to get married, but Dick and I wanted to be married so our families could celebrate Christmas together.”
Simple twists on traditional holiday vegetable dishes
A few special touches can make a good holiday meal into one that gets rave reviews. If your family has traditional family favorites, go ahead and keep them, but be adventurous and add one or two new vegetable dishes to your holiday table.
Putting some serious thought into Thanksgiving salads
There are many staples on the Thanksgiving table including turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and pumpkin pie. Adding tasty side salads are a lively way to dress up your menu and an easy way to experiment with new recipes. Not only do salads travel well, most can be prepared a day ahead of the big meal, giving you more time with your family.
Sweeten up Thanksgiving feast with sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are a welcome addition to the Thanksgiving table. For some families, they’re a staple. Most envision a traditional American sweet potato casserole topped with toasted marshmallows. This comforting dish graces tables across America. If you are looking for a less traditional way to serve sweet potatoes, maybe this is the year you will try something new.
How to have a berry, berry good Thanksgiving dinner
With Thanksgiving less than a month away, it’s time to sharpen your carving knife, make room for the turkey in your freezer, and start planning your family feast. 
The trick behind some great Halloween treats
According to Good Housekeeping magazine, the most popular Halloween costumes for kids this year include Disney princesses, superheroes like Batman, Spiderman and Captain American, Star Wars characters, Smurfs, ninja warriors, and fairies. I can remember a time when costumes were a bit simpler.
Pumpkin patch springsup in Cindy's seasonal kitchen
Dancing, painting, playing with play doh, blowing bubbles, and cooking. These are all things Cindy Greteman of Carroll loves to do. She gets to “play” each day as a preschool teacher at Fairview Elementary School. She teaches a morning and an afternoon section of 4-year- old preschool, along with two associates, Pam Kluever and Linda Patrick. Preschoolers with special needs are included in the program when they turn 3.
Fun, creativity abound in Esther's kitchen
If it’s Sunday after church, you may find Esther Halverson of Carroll preparing brunch for a small crowd.

Esther says brunch is an easy way to entertain. The options are limitless, ranging from a casserole to customized omelets. She likes to add special touches to the meal such as her pink grapefruit sorbet (recipe below) and mimosas.

Brenda Pottebaum spices recipes with her creativity
For Brenda Pottebaum, of Carroll, recipes are usually just a suggestion.

This sister act show star quality in the kitchen

The Linkey sisters have cheerful memories of growing up in Carroll — roller skating every weekend, swimming all summer at the Country Club, and playing Kick the Can with neighborhood friends. Sisters Shawn and Tami, always found much to do while living with their parents, Jim and Dixie Linkey, in a tan house on Joan Avenue.

Childhood memories of road trips inspire summer recipes
In early elementary school, students in my class were asked to bring a list of all the states we had visited. At a young age, my list was already fairly long. My teacher sent home a note to verify my handwritten list was correct and indeed it was. At the age of 36, I have visited 47 US states, still needing to check Alaska, Hawaii, and Florida off my list to make my tour of the United States complete.
No-tatoes, no trouble for this healthy family
Allison (Miller) Hendrickson, a 1995 Carroll High graduate, living in Davenport, and her family are living life to the max.

She and her husband of two years, Dain, is currently in his third trimester, out of 10, at Palmer College of Chiropractic, and sons, Dylan, 8, and Jaxon, 8 months, follow the principles of the Maximized Living health care delivery system founded by a group of chiropractors. This lifestyle focuses on a positive mindset, quality nutrition, maximized nerve supply and oxygen, and minimizing toxins. At Palmer, Dain is a member of the Maximized Living Club and has attended a few of the national conferences.

Modern Food Network, historic farm blend for Jen
Jen (Kastle) Arkland, a teacher at Fairview Elementary, loves to cook and she loves to teach. One she has been doing all her life and the other is a much more recent endeavor.
Don't throw out taste with diabetes diagnosis
When one is first diagnosed with diabetes, their first thought is they have to give up their favorite foods such as sweets, potatoes, pasta, and bread, according to Michelle Scranton and Sasha Bloyer. Both women are part of St. Anthony Regional Hospital’s Diabetes Center.

Michelle Scranton, MS, RD, LD is the clinical dietetic supervisor, supervising the Diabetes Center staff. Sasha Bloyer, RD, LD is a clinical/consulting dietitian and diabetes Educator. The other diabetes educators on the team are Karen Packer-Steig, BSN, RN and Deb Dieter, RN, CDE. The diabetes educators work mostly with patients from the community, but occasionally see patients while they are in the hospital as well.

Iowa girl develops taste for Southern dishes
Suzanne (Knutsen) DuBois, a 1992 Carroll High School graduate, met her husband, Scott, when she was a college student. Suzanne, daughter of Ken and Pat Knutsen of Lidderdale, and Scott, originally from Louisiana, lived in the same dormitory at Morningside College in Sioux City.

Suzanne was drawn to Scott’s Southern accent and loved to listen to him talk. The couple married and moved to Louisiana for a short time, but Suzanne had never been that far from her family, so they moved back to the Midwest and lived in Iowa Falls for several years. Four years ago, Scott and Suzanne decided to move to the South once again and have been in Dry Prong, a small town in central Louisiana, for four years.

Schettler's Garden springs into taste-bud popping summer
Nothing says summer like a red ripe, juicy strawberry picked fresh from the garden.

The first day of summer isn’t officially until June 21, but summer fruits and vegetables await you at Schettler’s Garden, just north of Carroll off Highway 71.

CHS alum's Midwest palate meets world of new tastes
It may be 10 a.m. in Iowa, but Tracy (Wiederin) Sartain and her family are sitting down to dinner in a Middle Eastern desert over 7,000 miles away.
Developing a soy palate can lead to a longer life
These days most are looking for ways to improve their overall health, whether it’s exercising more, eating less, or looking for healthier or more natural food choices.

In Iowa, we are surrounded by fields and fields of soybeans, yet some of us have not tried very many soyfoods such as soymilk, tofu, or other foods containing soy ingredients.

Once a chore is now a passion for Ann Renze
Ann Renze, a 1995 Carroll High School graduate, loves to have friends and family over for dinner at her Arcadia home. As she puts it, she likes to cook for “any and all that show up.”

Family that loves a search finds delicious food
JOHNSTON — The Bailey family of Johnston loves to explore new things. Susan (Schouten) Bailey and her family are not only adventurous in the kitchen, but they also enjoy exploring the outdoors.
Lake City, Lohrville inspire Coleen's kitchen touch
WILLIAMSBURG — Coleen Myers, of Williamsburg, left west-central Iowa in 1986, but still considers it to be “home.”


Georgette's delights inspired by Greek heritage
When Carroll native Ted Longnecker met his wife-to-be, Georgette, in 1996, while working together at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines, he didn’t know his future wedding would be reminiscent of the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Marrying into a Greek family has many perks, one of them being the food.
Taste the love for family in Terri's kitchen
Terri Vetter of Carroll, has three sons: Chris, of Roselle, Kolby, a junior at Kuemper Catholic School, and Collin, an eighth-grader at Kuemper Catholic School.

They all enjoy their mom’s cooking, but all of them may not realize how good they really have it.

G-Pa's legacy lives in the Clark kitchen
GLIDDEN — Monica Clark of Glidden had a great teacher and inspiration in her life. Her late father, Deane Hofstad, ran the Glidden Cafe and later Deane’os for Food in Glidden. Deane also worked part-time at Mister D’s in Glidden and ran a Pizza Hut when the family lived in Tennessee.
Vickie Bender learns lessons well from mother-in-law
Vickie Bender, of Carroll, says her “best critic” is her husband, Jerry. Jerry loves her cooking so much, he says there’s not much need to eat out. Vickie enjoys cooking for others because she likes to please everyone. Vickie gives much of the credit to her mother-in-law for teaching her a lot about cooking. Bernice Bender lived near Perry and was a farmer’s wife who took pride in her cooking and served dessert with every meal. Bernice’s specialty was homemade chicken and noodles.
Pumpkin inspiration, salmon and Ryan's spaghetti
DUNLAP, Ill. — The Rattenborg family of Dunlap, Illinois, loves to play together. You name it, they do it. They love to sing, dance, play musical instruments, play sports and board games, and cook and bake. This past Christmas, the family sang Christmas carols while ringing bells for the Salvation Army.
For Delayne Morris, kitchen a playground
Although Delayne (Fischer) Morris moved away from the area in 1984 when she was in eighth- grade, she still has very fond childhood memories of growing up in Carroll. She was born in Carroll and attended Fairview (which was only a block from her house) and Carroll Middle School.

Rupiper's farm-style cooking fed full family
When it comes to family get-togethers for the Rupiper family, it’s the more the merrier. Lots of delicious food and plenty of family fun are guaranteed at a Rupiper gathering. LeRoy and Patricia Rupiper, of Carroll, raised 10 children in the 1950s and 60s. It may have been a challenge, but these parents were experts at figuring out creative ways to feed their family. Stretching a dollar was second nature to them.
Terri knows her boys' favorite meals
Talk to Terri Bock for a few minutes and it’s very clear she has two passions: her family and her job. Terri and her husband have raised three sons and have two granddaughters. Ask her and Terri will gladly tell you how much she loves her job as Recruitment Coordinator and Human Resource Assistant at New Hope Village.
Mom's organization key ingredient in Fran's kitchen
Even in high school, Mary Frances “Fran” Pedelty knew the importance of saving favorite recipes for herself and her future family. She started cooking in high school and put together a 3-ring notebook of recipes. She still has that notebook although it’s very tattered and yellowed by now.

All hands on deck in this Dedham kitchen
DEDHAM — Five happy and healthy daughters mean 10 helping hands in the kitchen. Stacey (Dailey) Peter and husband, John “JP”, of Dedham, share kitchen duty and are lucky to have willing helpers on their hands.

Stacey, a 1993 Carroll High School graduate and administrator of Mallard View Inc., since 1995, and JP, a 1988 Kuemper Catholic High School graduate and driver/salesman for Auen Distributing, take turns cooking family meals, although Stacey admits JP cooks 75 percent of the time.

All for one, and 4 for 1 Davis Thanksgiving
This past Thanksgiving was a first in 18 years for the Davis family of Carroll. All four members, including Mike, Nancy, Monica, and Megan, were living in Iowa and were able to give thanks together.

Carrollton restaurant manager enjoys creating new recipes
A wedding reception for 200 guests, a busy lunch buffet or a cozy dinner at home. Mike Pauley of Carroll has it covered.

Merry cooking, a season to make delicious treats
If you ever need a gift idea for Trudy Wittmaack, you can’t go wrong with a cookbook. Trudy loves to cook and bake and is always looking for new ideas in cookbooks, magazines, and on the Food Network. Trudy says she has shelves of cookbooks — ranging from church cookbooks from years ago to the annual “Christmas With Southern Living” cookbook she buys each year.
Caltriders cook up a bounty of favorites
Kevin and Michelle Caltrider of Carroll have a lot for which to be thankful.

They just celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary, have four children, fulfilling jobs, and are actively involved with their church. They were high school sweethearts, dating for three years. Each year for their anniversary, they enjoy spending time at a Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Local hunters harvest king's ransom of delicious meals
MANILLA — Kyle Julin of Manilla is busy as husband, father, and business owner of 1 x 4 x All, as a construction contractor, but still makes time for his favorite hobby, hunting.

His sons are fittingly named Hunter, 2, and Gauge, 7 months.

What's for dinner? Quit quacking and cook, grill
Ducks Unlimited was formed in 1937 by a group of sportsmen after the United States waterfowl population plummeted after a drought. This organization focuses on habitat conservation and is the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.

Delicious recipes a-poppin' for Tiefenthalers
BREDA — The Tiefenthaler Family of Breda love coming together for a family dinner and have just as much fun preparing the meal. Three generations of great cooks bring their family favorites to the table. Doreen Polking, daughter, Marlene Tiefenthaler, and son, Jon Tiefenthaler, all learned to cook for their families at an early age and all three continue the tradition today.
Some tastes, treats from our holiday, workaday home
It seems whenever I fill out a survey asking for a list of my hobbies, cooking always comes to mind. I don’t get to cook as often as I would like and I usually reserve it for special occasions, treat day at work, and holidays.
With crammed calendar, Sonia lives by motto: 'cooking is love'
Sonia Walsh, of Carroll, has “busy” down to a science.

Actually the word busy is definitely an understatement. Sonia is wife to Chuck, general manager of Walsh Motors, and mom to Haste, 14, Zach, 12, Samantha, 8, and Emersyn, 6.

Lois Wunschel's early cooking stands time test, travels well
Lois Wunschel of Carroll’s 80th birthday on July 5 was something to celebrate and the Wunschel family do so in a grand way.

All 26 members of the Wunschel family made a trip to Carmel, Calif. This included Lois and husband, Russ, their children, spouses, and grandchildren. It was the first time the full group of extended family members were under one roof for a memorable get-together.

Marianne blends fundamentals, family, instincts for popular meals
When Marianne Walsh, of Carroll, was 8 years old, her best friend’s mother gave her a spatula for Christmas. This small gesture turned out to be her favorite gift of all time and it was also a gesture that provided inspiration to a young girl.

Marianne’s mother first taught her to cook breakfast food and soon she was making full family dinners in elementary school. Marianne also credits her love of cooking to her paternal grandmother. Her grandmother was from Kentucky and had a Southern style of cooking, which included cooking without recipes. Marianne’s mother, on the other hand, cooked by the book and was very exact about measuring. Marianne learned the best of both worlds – the fundamentals of cooking from her mother and how to cook by instinct by her grandmother.

Swansons love the Hawks - and these recipes
Dedicated is a fitting word to describe Joel and Mary Swanson of Carroll. Joel is an avid fan of Iowa Hawkeye football. He received both his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Iowa and has an impressive record. He has missed only two home football games since 1959 and is often accompanied by Mary to the games in Iowa City. Mary, on the other hand, has been dedicated to her loyal customers of Mimi’s, her downtown shop specializing in women’s apparel, for 22 years.
It's always winning day in Ames with Halbur tailgate
HALBUR — If it’s a Saturday morning and Iowa State has a home football game Amy (Heinrich) Halbur is waiting anxiously for her husband, DJ, to finish his daily chores on their livestock farm near Halbur.

She is ready to get on the road in their 17-passenger Cy Ride bus to head to Ames to begin tailgating before cheering on her favorite team. They have season tickets to the Cyclone games and a parking spot on the north side of the football field near Hilton Coliseum.

Verona's sweets sprouted from bounty of family farm
Many families have annual traditions, but not many can say their family tradition has lasted 58 years.

Verona Fuller has been hosting an annual Christmas coffee at her home since 1951. Her gatherings have grown into an event that lasts from morning until evening. Last year she hosted a total of 85 guests for food and refreshments. Verona serves coffee, punch, pastries, breads, cookies, and open-faced sandwiches. She even had guests drive from Kansas City to attend. Verona says, “I love seeing all the people from year to year. It’s fun to do and I love to do it.”

Kari Lengeling turns daunting diagnosis to dinner menus
Kari (Auen) Lengeling, of West Des Moines, never had the desire to become a great cook, but a medical diagnosis almost a year and half ago, forced her to experiment in the kitchen.

With Twila as grandma going back to school is sweet
School supplies are on the shelves and students and parents are getting ready for a new school year to begin.

Twila Beckman, a Carroll grandmother, is also ready for school to start, as she is an expert at baking after school treats. Her “school supplies” — flour, sugar, and eggs — will need to be replenished throughout the school year. She has been baking her well-known chocolate chip cookies and brownies since she was in high school.

Everyone wins when sports fan Lehrkamp cooks
Lonny Lehrkamp of Carroll made a deal with his wife, Cindy, when they were married in 1983. Twenty-seven years later the deal is still on and his family and community are reaping the benefits.

Lonny, a route supervisor for Farner Bocken, agreed to do the cooking and grocery shopping and Cindy agreed to laundry and dishes. It’s a very fair deal considering Lonny’s outstanding skills in the kitchen and on the outdoor smoker. Cindy, a second-grade teacher in Manning, loves to bake so there is always something good to eat at their house.

Thanks to mom, Allison Sporrer a baking whiz
Baking with family has been a tradition in Allison Sporrer’s family for as long as she can remember. She credits her love of baking to her mother, Trudy Wittmaack, of Carroll, whom she describes as a “wonderful cook.” She has fond childhood memories of preparing holiday goodies and other treats with her mother.
If you would like to share your family’s favorite recipes, or know someone with western Iowa ties who we should feature in an upcoming article, please send an email to Jane Lawson at janeyburns@yahoo.com describing recipes and the stories behind them.

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