Art Cullen
Art Cullen
(Editor’s Note: The following editorial was written by Art Cullen of The Storm Lake Times. It is reprinted with permission here.)

Terry Branstad is a Jew. From Latvia, where Communists no doubt still live. A lot of people think the Jews killed Jesus, although the Establishment might want to tell you that Roman Centurions did. It was a conspiracy even back then.

Branstad is running for governor as a Republican Roman Catholic. But we all know that his mother, Rita, was a Latvian Jew. She might have converted to Lutheran after she married Ed Branstad, a Norwegian farmer from Leland in Winnebago County. But here is what Terry said, quoted from no less a source than the Internet: “My mother always reminded us that we have a Jewish connection.”

This should give the Democrats something to campaign on.

Ask any self‑respecting, honest conspiracy theorist at a tea party where they serve coffee, and they will tell you that the Jews control the world economy. You cannot sell meat into a New York deli unless you know some high‑ranking Jewish person, we have been told. All those big financial institutions that got bailed out were Jewish.

Branstad fooled us once. But now that we know he probably was born in a Communist country to a Jewish mother, could he really be allowed to serve as governor? We’re not sure that little Terry was actually born in Winnebago County. His real middle name might be Stanislav, not Edward. We have never seen his birth certificate with an E for a middle initial.

We also have never seen naturalization documents for Rita Branstad. She might have been an illegal immigrant. If the county recorder in Forest City comes up with documents, just remember that Branstad is a lawyer — a Jewish one at that, and they are schemers of the first order. Branstad has a mustache that makes him look Jewish. Disregard that birth notice from the Mason City Globe Gazette. The chief executive officer for the Globe Gazette’s parent company in Davenport at one time was named Schermer. Sounds Jewish to us.

Norway had its share of Communist, agnostic sympathizers during and after World War II. Norway played Germany and Russia against each other. You just don’t know where Branstad comes down on all this. He has admitted to eating lefse and lutefisk as a child. But then he says he doesn’t make too much out of all that because in the end we are all Americans

But consider this: His mother and father were Democrats. Young Terry was a Democrat until the 1960s.

You know where he got his indoctrination, at one of those Jewish Democrat madrassas down in Iowa City.

He said many Norwegians around the North Iowa area were “prairie populists” who believed that the railroads, grain traders and meatpackers were making money off the yeoman’s back. Those people are Socialists through and through, paper‑money zealots who do not understand free people and free economic systems.

When Branstad was governor, illegal immigrants started to come into Storm Lake. That was all part of the scheme he set up. For what purpose remains to be seen. These folks do not disclose their secrets.

All we know is that Terry Branstad visited Iowa’s sister state in Mexico, where many Norwegian bachelor farmer Jews now live under protection from the drug cartels, and after he returned home to Terrace Hill the flood gates opened to illegal immigrants. Next thing you know they will demand health care or a living wage.

To cap it all off, he was president of Des Moines University, a medical school where young people figure out how to do abortions, hand out condoms and drug old people to death until no one is left in Iowa but illegal immigrants and Communist Jewish strong men. This is about liberty.

If Bob Vander Plaats had connected the dots, he might be our next governor. Instead, we have two Socialists running for governor. We do not know what Chet Culver’s religion is. Maybe Methodist, but people who go to that church drink and dance and thus cannot be trusted very far. We understand that Culver’s wife is Catholic just like Branstad.

The first Pope, Peter, was Jewish. That ought to tell you something. What, we are not sure.

Remember one more thing, Christian free people: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. That came from Moses. He was, of course, Jewish. So there you have it.