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Did you get a tape-recorded message on the phone from Rep. Steve King last week?
  • Fiorina shows fraud of alleged ‘pro-life’ movement
    Anti-abortion candidates like Carly Fiorina apparently don’t have much confidence in their ability to prevail. 
  • Doubling down on the euphoria
    Ten minutes before Kenny Rogers took the stage Friday at Wild Rose Jefferson, Kim Rueter, the Grand Junction ag-business who hatched the idea of a casino in Jefferson and made the initial pitch to owner Gary Kirke, chatted back stage with Rogers. 
  • Local baseball season accompanied by series of impactful injuries
    As the baseball regular season dwindled and the postseason came around, there was a common theme that manifested when talking with coaches in the postgame. Injuries. And there were a lot of them this season among Daily Times Herald coverage area teams. What’s more, they weren’t just the run-of-the-mill bumps and bruises that are to be expected from a season. Many were significant and of the season-ending variety. 
  • Grassley: Trump shows humility in private
    Only minutes into a town hall in Carroll Saturday morning, U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, interrupted a compliment on his longevity and consistency of service from Dr. Walter Anneberg. 
  • The ‘Ames Strain’ again — this time  it’s Donald Trump
    Hillary Clinton said it best, “Basta - - Enough!”  You don’t even have to be a fan of Hillary to agree with this condemnation of Donald Trump’s  spurious remark that Sen. John McCain “was a war hero ’cause he was captured.  I like people that weren’t captured.” 
  • Reflections on the Iowa Democratic Party’s  Hall of Fame Dinner
    A unified Iowa Democratic Party came together Friday night in Cedar Rapids to share their message of forward-thinking prosperity, equality and opportunity, and to hear, for the first time, that message articulated by all five of their  presidential candidates for 2016. 
  • Donald Trump, a modern-day Orson Welles
    Back in 1938 Orson Welles famously exposed the Great American Gullibility. With his Mercury Theatre on the Air, Welles, adapting “War of the Worlds,” used a series of simulated news bulletins to convince radio listeners that aliens were attacking Earth. 
  • The Iran nuclear deal and politics
    A long negotiated agreement has been reached by Iran and a group of nations pressing the Islamic state to abandon its nuclear weapons program. 
  • Who Scored First? Examining the Validity of a Baseball Cliche
    It’s one of the biggest axioms in sports: scoring first is crucial to victory. That sentiment rings especially true in baseball and softball. But how accurate is that really? Sports reporters, including myself, are as guilty as any in invoking responses from winning coaches and players about how important it was that they grabbed an early lead. 
  • 1. The political spectrum of influences in the Iowa congressional delegation has lurched to the right. For the last 30 years, Iowans, or businesses, needing Democratic and Republican influence on Capitol Hill had both in the form of men who became institutions, Tom Harkin and Charles Grassley. We no longer have that, and it’s a devastating loss for the state. 
  • Book it. Reflecting on 34 years as a Carroll policeman
    On Monday I will be retiring after 34 years with the Carroll Police Department. 
  • Latino organizers look to go Irish on Iowa politics
    A conversation I’ve had with a number of Latino politicos and community activists in Iowa through the years starts like this on my end... 
  • Reflections on Memorial Day
    Over Memorial Day weekend, I was thinking about the men and women I knew who have served our country over the years, many from Carroll County. 
  • King: Rural Iowa, look to Milwaukee for your next hires
    America, it would seem, owes Congressman Steve King a collective apology. 
  • Joni Ernst can be a strong, reasoned voice against sexual violence on campuses
    A steady diet of televised police dramas would leave the typical American with a presumption of what happens to the accused in a sexual assault allegation on a college campus. 
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