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Did you get a tape-recorded message on the phone from Rep. Steve King last week?
  • Ernst vs. Vilsack: An all-Iowa vice presidential debate?
    Iowa, the center of the political universe for the presidential parties’ nominating contests, should be pivotal in the November general election, too, not only as a swing state, but as home to two strong potential vice presidential candidates
  • Caucus Column
    I wasn’t really planning to caucus. Assigned to cover a Democratic caucus in Carroll, I’d mostly decided to remain separate from the caucus and anonymous behind my camera. But as I walked up to my precinct’s location, I thought, I should register. Just in case. As a deliberately registered no-party voter, I don’t directly identify with one major party or the other, and in fact have what some would call an overly idealistic dream that our country will someday be run by a third-party president.
  • The betting markets still favor Clinton to win Iowa
    As the traditional opening leg of the nomination process, the Iowa caucuses are always a big worldwide media story. Particularly so in the United Kingdom, and not just because of our “special relationship” with the USA.
  • The squirrels are back in the attic
    “The squirrels are back in the attic.”
  • ‘Caucus the Bern!’ urges Carroll High alumni
    The heart of the heartland knows something about roots, and I’m ever grateful that mine stem from the rich soil of my home state of Iowa.
  • Ted Cruz — the anti-George Bailey
    Were Ted Cruz, the oily anti-ethanoler, the David Stockman-esque stooge for grain-price-depressing think-tankers, to fling himself into the icy waters of the Raccoon River Monday night, the suspense would start.

  • Why this Medal Of Honor winner supports Jeb Bush
    Two months ago, I spent time with Gov. Jeb Bush in Iowa and traveled with him in Polk, Dallas and Cass counties.
  • Handicapping the GOP front-runners
    Last column we looked at three Republican establishment candidates.  So now let’s look at the two leading GOP outsiders, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, who are essentially tied in the polls.
  • Iowa Republican caucuses still up for grabs
    As much as I follow politics, there comes a point when even I want to “just get it over with, already.”
  • The Establishment versus The Outsiders
    There is a lot of talk about “establishment” vs. “outsiders” in this year’s campaign. That’s makes sense. Muddled primary campaigns often settle down to an establishment vs. outsider race.
  • It’s time to rally ’round O’Malley
    Throughout the Iowa caucuses season, one thing has become clear — America wants an end to gridlock. We want our leaders to work together to solve problems facing our hard-working families.
  • Leo, Iowa and Golden Globes collide in ‘The Revenant’
    The film “The Revenant” will be remembered for many things...
  • Why Trump is better than Cruz for rural Iowa
    Our just-folks freshman senator, with a biography of frugally bread-bagged winter feet and squealing hogs, is Red Oak ready with a fight for the grain-boosting Renewable Fuel Standard.
  • Katherine and I believe that this presidential election is probably the most important one in our lifetime.
  • Why this Republican is supporting Rubio
    With the Iowa caucuses just a short month away and one of the most critical presidential elections of our time taking place this year, I hope citizens will consider joining me in supporting Marco Rubio for president of the United States.
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said the United States should ban Muslims from entering the United States until the until the nation’s leaders can “figure out what is going on.” Is Donald Trump right on this?


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