Mark Segebart
Mark Segebart

November 9, 2016

Mark Segebart was happy he won re-election to the Iowa Senate by a 66-point margin over challenger Nick Serianni on Tuesday, but he seemed even more excited about finishing his harvest.

“I’m excited to get back to work in Des Moines, but right now I’m just thrilled we got the last of our crop out today,” the Republican from Vail said.

Segebart finished the 6th District race with 83.1 percent of the vote to Libertarian Serianni’s 16.6 percent.

Segebart, who was first elected in 2013, said this year will be a lot different with the Republicans winning a majority in the Senate.

“It’s been about 20 years since that was the case,” he said. “There will be a lot for our caucus to do, things we’ve been meaning to change for years. It’s hard to say which issue will take the lead, but a complete change of leadership will be fun to watch and be involved in.”

Segebart said he and fellow Republican Rep. Brian Best have requested identical bills for the House and Senate that would legalize the Carroll County Treasurer’s Office to issue driver’s licenses.

“(The bills) are ready to go,” he said. “We should be able to get those through about as quickly as can be done, which would mean that the county could act by February.”

Segebart said he was glad to have an opponent and thanked Serianni for his courage to run.

“I didn’t have an opponent until almost the last day you could get your name on the ballot,” Segebart said. “It built more enthusiasm for the public to get involved. I appreciate Nick Serianni for running. I lost the first time I ran too, so I know the feeling.”

The Iowa Legislature will reconvene in January.