November 30, 2016

Carroll County voters preferred 26 people for U.S. president other than those who appeared on the Nov. 8 ballot, a Daily Times Herald review of write-in votes shows.

At the top of that list: Sen. Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, who lost a tough battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democrats’ nomination.

Sanders’ 20 write-in votes were nearly double that of the second-place finisher, Mike Pence, the Republican vice president-elect, who got 11.

Sanders beat four other candidates who actually appeared on the ballot.

In fact, Sanders got more votes than God, who trailed with just 3.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan landed in third place with nine votes. Tied for fourth place were Ohio Gov. John Kasich and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz with seven apiece.

With three votes were: Jeb Bush, Chuck Grassley, Marco Rubio and, of course, God.

With two votes were: Joe Biden, Mike Huckabee, Mike Matuken and John McCain.

With one vote were: Ben Carson, Donald Duck, Clint Eastwood, Richard Ekley, Tom Hoefling, Tim Kaine, Laurence Kollikoff,

Evan McMullin, Michael Oldham, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Charles Usgood, Scott Walker and “No One.”

Some other notable write-ins:

— Manning resident Ryan Eischeid was the most popular Carroll County person with six votes for different offices, including the Iowa Senate and House, three county supervisors seats and county auditor.

— Voters expressed the most scorn for the supervisors candidates, all of whom were unopposed. Among the write-in votes were: “None of the above,” “Anybody else but him,” “Somebody younger with balls,” and “Deez Nuts,” a satirical candidate for president.

— President-elect Donald Trump received a vote apiece for Carroll County Extension Council and two supervisors’ seats.

— “Killary Clinton” got one vote for county auditor.