November 11, 2016

The string of window shootings that began in late July continues this month with two reported on Thursday.

The windows of more than 30 houses, businesses and vehicles have been shot by someone with a compressed-air powered gun.

The latest targets were two vehicles parked around the corner from each other near the intersection of 10th and North West streets.

The shootings attracted widespread attention last month when someone shot the windows of a church youth club — yet the shootings have continued and no arrests have been made.

Central Church has offered a $1,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest. It cost about $1,800 to repair the youth club damage.

The police department has also offered a $500 reward.

Police Chief Brad Burke said his officers have investigated several residents’ tips to no avail. The victims have apparently been targeted at random.

The damage is too severe to be caused by a simple BB gun, he said. It’s likely the work of a gun powered by compressed carbon dioxide cartridges.

Those with information about the crimes can call the police department at (712) 792-3536.