November 14, 2016

The number of window shootings reported in Carroll jumped to a total of 40 over the weekend after a relative lull this month.

Police officers believe someone is using a carbon-dioxide-powered gun to shoot the windows because the damage — often shattered windows — is too severe to have been caused by a simple BB gun.

Eight shootings have been reported in the past week, including four this past weekend.

Those four include reports on Saturday of a house window shot on the east side of town, camper windows on the north side, a Farm Bureau window on the west side, and a dozer window on the south side of town.

The shootings — which began July 23 — come in spurts and have increased in frequency each month. July had two reports, August had four, September had eight and October had 17. There have been nine so far this month.

A total reward of $2,000 is available for someone who has information about the shootings that leads to an arrest. Central Church offered $1,500 of that after its youth club windows were targeted in October.

Officers have investigated residents’ tips but have not identified a suspect.

Those with information about the crimes can call the police department at (712) 792-3536.