June 20, 2017

Three teenage boys were arrested early this morning near Graham Park for going into at least two vehicles and stealing coins.

They are not believed to be responsible for the rash of vehicle burglaries last week, Police Chief Brad Burke said.

The boys — a 13-year-old from Carroll, a 16-year-old from Lake City and a 13-year-old from Ames — were arrested about 2:15 a.m. when someone saw them inside a vehicle in the 800 block of North East Street.

They reportedly set off a car alarm in the 1300 block of Amy Avenue near Northeast Park about 45 minutes earlier.

All three face a burglary complaint in juvenile court. The Lake City boy is also charged with theft for allegedly stealing alcohol from Wal-Mart.

Officers are continuing to investigate at least five vehicle burglaries that happened a little more than a week ago on the north side of town. Someone took numerous items — including a handgun — from the vehicles.

Demorian Lamar Washington, 22, of Carroll, was arrested for felony fraud for using a credit card that was stolen in one of the burglaries, but he has claimed that he was not the one who stole it.

The other stolen items have not been recovered.

Officers identified Washington by reviewing surveillance video recordings from the convenience store where he allegedly used the credit card.