August 1, 2017

Two Audubon residents are accused of breaking the door of an unoccupied neighboring house and stringing extension cords between the house and their own to steal electricity, according to court records.

Verlyn Duane Richardson Sr., 45, and RaLeann Irene Schnell, 44, are charged with misdemeanor theft and criminal mischief.

The house they rent in the 100 block of Church Street had been powered by a generator for an unspecified amount of time, court records show. Richardson has been delinquent in paying power bills, and MidAmerican Energy refused to give him electrical service.

A city employee went to the house early last month for an unrelated matter and saw an extension cord that stretched from house to house.

Police officers went to the house on July 3 and confiscated four extension cords.

Richardson and Schnell were arrested last week and paid $300 apiece to be released from jail.

At the request of Richardson’s landlords, a judge ordered Richardson to vacate the house. The landlords claim Richardson owes them $600 for rent and $933 for an outstanding water bill.