Sandy March
Sandy March

April 12, 2018

A former Carroll police officer — who was fired in January after she failed to tell residents to shovel snow from their sidewalks — is not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, a judge has decided.

Sandy March, 47, had been on work probation for nearly a year, initially for underperformance of her duties. March wrote half as many reports as the average Carroll officer in 2016 and initiated one-fifth the traffic stops of the average, Police Chief Brad Burke has said. Another officer accused her of being deliberately slow to respond to calls for assistance.

She was also suspended in April 2017 for showing late to work.

Officers were ordered in early January to remind residents with snowy sidewalks to shovel them, but March didn’t comply and was later fired.

Iowa Workforce Development initially decided in February that March was eligible for unemployment benefits, but the city appealed and a judge reversed the decision on March 27.

“Law enforcement officers reasonably have a higher standard of care required in the performance of their job duties to ensure public safety and health,” the judge wrote. “(March’s) repeated failure to accurately perform her job duties after having been warned is evidence of carelessness to such a degree of recurrence as to rise to the level of disqualifying job-related misconduct.”

March was a patrol officer for 18 years.