Nyanwier Mawier
Nyanwier Mawier

June 21, 2017

A 32-year-old Texas woman drank nearly a whole bottle of vodka Monday morning and then waded into the beach water of Swan Lake, prompting someone to report a drowning about 9:29 a.m., according to a sheriff’s report.

“She really had no idea what was going on,” Carroll County Sheriff Ken Pingrey said.

When he arrived at the lake just southeast of Carroll, Pingrey saw Nyanwier Mon Mawier lying in a couple of feet of water. Her friend was holding Mawier’s head above the water.

Pingrey and two other law officers struggled to drag the 380-pound woman from the lake as she thrashed about.

It’s unclear why Mawier was in town and why she was imbibing on a Monday morning at Swan Lake with two friends. She did not appear to be ready to swim — she wore a tube top and spandex pants.

Mawier said voices were calling her into the water, but she did not appear to be suicidal, Pingrey said.

“She was just out in the water because she was intoxicated,” he said. “I’m basing it all on intoxication.”

A breath test showed Mawier’s blood-alcohol concentration was .140 percent, Pingrey said. She was arrested for public intoxication but pleaded not guilty on Tuesday and was released from jail.