Nicole Lynn Johnson
Nicole Lynn Johnson
July 31, 2013

A 27-year-old Carroll woman allegedly left three small dogs in a dangerously hot car last week for more than 90 minutes while she went into an apartment to visit someone.

Nicole Lynn Johnson was cited for animal neglect July 22 after another woman reported to police that the dogs were in the car in the 900 block of North East Street near Graham Park.

The temperature at the time was about 90 degrees but felt like 98 with the day's humidity, according to a police report. Police Chief Jeff Cayler said one of the four-door car's windows was open about 1 1/2 inches.

The dogs had no water to drink, court records show.

Two of the dogs were very hot but seemed OK, but "one was semi-responsive and needed help," Cayler said.

The animals were taken to the Carroll Veterinary Clinic and later given to their owner. Johnson was reportedly watching the dogs for another woman.

The animal-neglect charge is punishable by up to 30 days in jail if Johnson is convicted.

Two days after the alleged neglect, Johnson received a four-year suspended prison sentence for felony forgery and theft for stealing bank checks from a Carroll man whose house she cleaned in February. She cashed two of the checks for a total of $1,400 before she was caught.

A court document in which Johnson asked for a state-paid defense attorney this week says Johnson is currently unemployed.