Friday, November 16, 2012

The Carroll Daily Times Herald Monday will launch its eEdition, a state-of-the-art product that will allow subscribers to read the most current issue of their newspaper on computers, smartphones or eReaders in a fresh-looking, easily navigable fashion.

Everyone interested will have access to our eEdition for two weeks through the Daily Times Herald website, Go to the website and look for the eEdition logo, and click for free access. As of Dec. 1, the eEdition of the Daily Times Herald will be available to subscribers only. The eEdition is a distinct product, separate from the website. The website has been changed to include vital but limited information.

Those who already subscribe to the traditional paper version of the Daily Times Herald may add the eEdition for $29.95 a year. Those wishing to subscribe just to the eEdition may do so at an annual subscription of $95. Call (712) 792-3573 and ask for the circulation department to pre-register for the eEdition. Subscribers can sign up online for the eEdition beginning Dec. 1.

If you wish to keep receiving only the traditional paper version of the Daily Times Herald this announcement has no effect whatsoever on you, either in terms of price or delivery. You need to take no action if that is the case.

Daily Times Herald staff worked with several technology firms over the past six months to develop an eEdition product focused on user friendliness.

“You can really read the newspaper however you want on the eEdition,” said Allison Sporrer, promotions director for the Daily Times Herald. “Our goal is to make this experience as enjoyable as possible.”

With the eEdition you can read the paper exactly as it comes to your door, flipping through the full pages, or you can click on individual articles and advertisements so they pop up quickly on your screen for speedy scrolling. There is an audio feature that will allow subscribers to listen to articles being read on their computers or phones.

The eEdition can be viewed on personal computers, either desktop or laptops, as well as on smartphones and eReaders. Apps are available on android smartphones and the Amazon Kindle eReader beginning Monday. Daily Times Herald apps are in development with Apple for the iPad and iPhone and are expected to be released soon.

On Dec. 1, when the eEdition moves to a full-subscription model, the e-paper will be available by 4 p.m. the day of publication. All papers published as of Oct. 22 of this year will go into the eEdition archive.

“We have many readers in rural areas or out of state who we think will be well-served with the eEdition,” said Douglas Burns, co-owner of the Daily Times Herald. “Our mission is simple. We want this product to be easy to use so you can focus on the content of our paper, the strong journalism and photography and quality advertising.”

Burns said that with the imminent arrival of 4G cellphone service in the Carroll area and the approaching holidays the timing is perfect for the launch of the eEdition.

“The best way to use the eEdition is as a complement to your traditional paper,” Burns said. “We have set up price points to reward longtime subscribers with a favorable bundling rate while reaching out to young people and those in outlying areas who choose to use smart phones and computers and eReaders for their access to the Daily Times Herald.”

Some changes are being made to the Daily Times Herald website with the eEdition launch. Full obituaries will no longer appear as news items on the website. Obituaries will be replaced with funeral notices, listing time and place of death and information on services. Full obituaries will appear in the traditional newspaper and in the eEdition.

The Daily Times Herald will maintain a local story archive on the website, one that now stretches back to 2003. Current stories and full obituaries will be archived on the free website,, with a three-month delay. DTH blogs and The Exchange, a reader forum, will be posted as contemporary items on the website as will the activity calendar. The Daily Times Herald expects to more fully modernize its website video component in coming months.

“At the end the day, the Daily Times Herald, full of the thinking and dreams, and successes and challenges and tragedies of the communities we cover, is a voice for a large swath of western and central Iowa,” Burns said. “This eEdition gives that voice, your voice, far more reach, more power.”