March 20, 2014

Police officers used a confidential informant to buy marijuana at a Carroll house where two teens were suspected of selling the drug in bags adorned with a yellow fish similar to the Goldfish crackers logo, according to court records.

Officers used the informant's deal to get a warrant to search the house at 225 E. 11th St. early this month, about a block from Graham Park.

Investigators found in searches of bedrooms and people in the house: marijuana, seven pipes or bongs used to smoke it, $956 cash and plastic bags with the fish logo.

Officers charged three people with possession of a controlled substance: Aaron Jacob Beyer, 19, of Auburn, and Brandon Scott Holm, 18, and Nicholas Raymond Irlbeck, 23, both of Carroll.

The amount of marijuana confiscated was about 40 grams, which equals about 11 typical bags of the drug that pot buyers seek.

Beyer faced a similar criminal charge last year, but a judge granted him a deferred judgment and probation for a year. He had been living at the Carroll house for a few months with Holm and Holm's mother and worked at a restaurant in town, court records show.

Beyer's arrest this month could lead a judge to revoke his deferred judgment from last year and impose a jail sentence.