Supervisors has made a number of appointments to local boards, commission and positions. Additionally, the board's five members have been slotted for committee assignments in 2013.

Appointments are as follows:

County Medical Examiner: Dr. Michael Slattery. Two-year term.

Assistant Count Medical Examiner: Dr. John Carroll. Two-year term.

Carroll County Board of Health: Becky Vonnahme, Breda. Three-year term.

Carroll County Ambulance Board: Paulette McDonough, Coon Rapids; Sara Wittry, Carroll; and Dr. Paul J. Greteman, Carroll. Three-year terms.

Carroll County Conservation Board: Tracy Buck, Breda. Five-year term.

Veterans Affairs Commission: Mary Lou Johnson, Coon Rapids; Richard Dentlinger, Carroll. Three-year terms.

Carroll County Weed Commissioner: Earl Wittrock, Carroll. Annual appointment.

Carroll County Zoning Commission: Mary Thatcher, Breda; Keith Potthoff, Carroll; Jean Stoberl, Manning; Stan Janssen, Coon Rapids; and Cameron Janson, Carroll. Annual appointments.

Carroll County Board of Adjustment: Craig Rowles, Carroll. Five-year term.

Western Iowa Tourism Board: Mark River. No term listed.

County Condemnation Compensation members: Farm owners and operators: Marilyn Johnston, Coon Rapids; Linda Halbur, Arcadia; Virginia Schultes, Templeton; Dale Berns, Glidden; Adam Handlos, Glidden; Marvin Frischmeyer, Carroll; and Lyle Schleisman, Lidderdale.

City or town property owners: Carol Eich, Arcadia; Edger Hunt, Lanesboro; Bob Sporrer, Dedham; Cindy Golay, Coon Rapids; Ruth Barrett, Carroll; Jacque Masching, Carroll; and Todd Stadtlander, Manning.

Licensed real-estate salespeople: Mike Franey, Carroll; Donna Pudenz, Carroll; Jean Wittrock, Halbur; Lucille Leiting, Carroll; Brandon Synder, Carroll; Don Kanne, Carroll; and John Hyland, Coon Rapids.

Occupation-based members: Gary Rupiper, Templeton; Mary Swanson, Carroll; Nick Badding, Carroll; Julie Mayhall, Carroll; Bob Pottebaum, Halbur; Vernell Wittrock, Carroll; and Larry Sporrer, Templeton.

Kniest Township trustees: Dale Boes, Breda; and Doug Pudenz, Carroll. Four-year terms.

Maple River Township trustees: Vincent Gross, Carroll; Marvin Huegerich, Carroll. Four-year terms.

Pleasant Valley Township trustees: Daryl Quandt, Carroll; and Marty Greving, Carroll. Four-year terms.

Roselle Township trustees: Leon Baumhover, Carroll; and Dale Behrens, Carroll. Four-year terms.

The supervisor committee appointments are as follows:

Mark Beardmore: E911 representative, Carroll County Emergency Management Commission, Ambulance Board, Carroll Area Child Care Center Board, alternate MH/DD stakeholders board, alternate 2nd Judicial District and Case Management Advisory Board.

Gene Meiners: Voting member of Cherokee Detention Center, New Opportunities, Carroll County/City Communications Center, alternate, Landfill and Solid Waste, Carroll Area Development Corp., board of directors and Mount Carmel/Maple River sewer systems.

Neil Bock: MH/DD Stakeholders Group, 2nd Judicial District, Region 12 Council of Governments DeCat Committee and governments policy council, R.S.V.P./Foster Grandparent Board, Safety Committee and Case Management Advisory Board.

Dan Nieland: Board of Health, Region 12 Council of Governments policy council,, Region 5 HAZMAT, alternate, Cherokee Detention Center, Conservation Board, Mount Carmel/Maple River sewer systems and M&M RC&D.

Marty Danzer: WESCO, Carroll County/City Communications Center, Region 12 Executive Board, Hungry Canyons and Carroll County Landfill and Solid Waste Commission.

Meiners and Neiland will serve on the secondary roads department negotiations team.

Bock and Beardmore will serve on the sheriff's office negotiations team.

Bock and Beardmore will serve on the ambulance department negotiations team.

Nieland and Danzer will serve on the conservation department negotiations team.