November 25, 2013


The Kuemper Catholic School System's Scrip program is switching to a free online management service through the Great Lakes Scrip Center, announced KCSS president Vern Henkenius.

The percentages of the funds spent that are returned to the district for each retailer will remain the same, he said.

Two main features with the new program are reload cards and instant certificates. Reload cards enable individuals to put more money on a card they already purchased, and certificates are emailed for instant shopping.

The change will go into effect in January 2014.

According to Henkenius, about 60 percent of current scrip orders are paper orders. This option will continue.

However, for the money to be directed as tuition credits, the family receiving the credits must create an account. Accounts can be created at For more information, contact Mary Neary at 712-794-1875.

Henkenius said the new system will make it easier for families to track their accounts and tuition fees.

In other business, Henkenius said that the Kuemper capital campaign is still in its silent phase, but chairpersons have begun seeking private donations. These chairpersons are Pat and Jen Macke, parents from Carroll; Matt and Jenna Lujano, parents from Westside; Curt and Lynette Schweers, parents from Arcadia; and Jim and Peggy White, community leaders and president of the Kuemper Catholic School Foundation.

The first goal for the campaign is to raise $4,630,000 to increase technology, remodel the high school entrance for safety and to identify the building as a Catholic institution, improve the science labs, upgrade and remodel the field house, establish an after-school program for Kuemper children and increase support for the Kuemper Catholic School Foundation, including tuition assistance and teacher salary funds.

The second-tier goal is $5,380,000 to include the construction of an all-weather track, and the third-tier goal is $6,500,000 to strengthen the Kuemper endowment.

A Carroll kickoff event was held Nov. 11 and was atended by about 120 people. The chairs also organized a campaign meeting for alumni now residing in or near Des Moines on Nov. 20.