Phil Phillips
Phil Phillips
March 3, 2014

Phil Phillips, a longtime Social Security Administration employee in Carroll, has announced he will retire March 28.

Phillips, 65, originally from Jefferson, started work for SSA in La Crosse, Wis. He transferred to Carroll in 1981. He was promoted to district manager in Carroll in February 2004. During his career, he has worked in La Crosse, Carroll, Sioux City, Council Bluffs and Kansas City, Mo.

"Working for Social Security has been a wonderful career for me," Phillips said. "I have enjoyed both the people I work with and the people I have helped serve. I have especially enjoyed working in Carroll. Carroll has much to offer and the people in our area are a pleasure to serve."

Phillips said there were many changes during his career, the most obvious being technological.

"Technology has allowed us to reduce our staff by about a half while serving more people," Phillips said. "However, for all the changes, the essential job has not changed. We ask many of the same questions, we serve the same kind of people and we are under the same pressure to get the right check, in the right amount, to the right person."

About his own retirement Phillips said, "Michele and I plan to do some traveling. In addition, I plan to take some theology courses online, do some volunteering at the church, and be active in our community. I have gotten so much out of living in Carroll I want to continue to help make our community better. Of course, I also plan to ride my bike a lot more."