September 9, 2013

A 55-year-old Lanesboro man was arrested Friday for allegedly forcing his way into a house in his neighborhood and viciously beating another man with a shotgun and part of a counter top.

Ricky R. Blair faces a felony burglary charge punishable by up to 25 years in prison for the alleged Sept. 1 beating, according to court records. One of his two alleged cohorts, Luke D. Clark, 41, of Yetter, was arrested Saturday for the same felony charge.

Carroll County Sheriff Doug Bass said the third man implicated in the burglary and assault is Mitchell W. Blair, 41, of Vail, but it's unclear if he's been arrested.

The men allegedly pushed open a door to the house in the 200 block of North Fourth Street in Lanesboro about 8 p.m. and assaulted two people, but court records do not identify the victims.

Bass said one of the victims was David Warnke, 28, who was taken by helicopter to a Des Moines hospital for medical treatment. The alleged assaults from the men's fists, the gun and piece of counter top, broke out some of Warnke's teeth and fractured several bones in his face, according to court documents.

Bass said the alleged burglars were acquaintances of Warnke, but that Warnke could not remember why they beat him in an interview at a Des Moines hospital, where he was set to have plastic surgery to fix his face.

"He was in and out (of consciousness), and we just got down on Wednesday to talk to him," Bass said Friday. "There's a lot of things he doesn't remember, like why it all happened."

Clark and Ricky Blair are set to appear in court for preliminary hearings on Sept. 17.