There are 17 lots available for sale for $2,500 each in a subdivision in Arcadia’s southeast corner. The shaded lots have been sold, while the lighter lots are still available.
There are 17 lots available for sale for $2,500 each in a subdivision in Arcadia’s southeast corner. The shaded lots have been sold, while the lighter lots are still available.

February 16, 2017

For those looking to build a home, Arcadia says it has a pretty good offer:

A homey small town just 10 minutes from Carroll — and lots for just $2,500.

The lots are part of the Redig Subdivision on the southeast corner of Arcadia, adjacent to U.S. Highway 30.

The city of Arcadia and its Betterment & Development Corporation jointly purchased and developed the Redig Subdivision in 1998 with a donation from Cleve Redig, who grew up in Arcadia. Lots were sold for prices ranging from $8,500 to $17,500, but after the selling price was reduced to $2,500 in 2005, sales increased and a second phase of the development was initiated in 2008, with an additional 18 lots made available.

Between the development’s two phases, the Arcadia Betterment & Development Corporation, now solely leading the venture, still has 17 lots available for sale for $2,500 each.

The subdivision has “nice-sized homes,” concrete streets and a park with swings and a basketball hoop, said Pat Vogl, the corporation’s president. She estimated two-thirds of its current residents are young families.

Enticing new residents to Arcadia is in line with the Betterment & Development Corporation’s goal of providing resources for all of the city’s residents and helping the city grow for current and future residents, Vogl said.

“As Arcadia residents age, we don’t want Arcadia to just shrivel up and die,” she said. “We want to attract the younger folks so that our city can thrive.”

The affordable lots and property taxes and the city’s proximity to other employment opportunities, including those available 10 miles down Highway 30 in Carroll, are an incentive to make that happen, Vogl added.

“We can get to Carroll as soon as someone can drive from the east end of Carroll to the west,” she said.

The subdivision’s lots average 110 by 120 feet in size. Those purchasing lots must begin building a house within a year of the lot purchase and must follow basic subdivision guidelines — the homes must be at least 1,200 square feet for a one-story and at least 1,000 square feet for a two-story or split-foyer, they must be at least 22 feet wide and they must include at least a two-car garage.

City utilities are in place, including curb and gutter, and their cost is not included in the homes’ assessment for property taxes, Vogl said.

Arcadia is part of the Ar-We-Va Community School District, although parents living there can open-enroll their kids in other schools, and the city offers a variety of businesses, organizations and activities, including 4-H and Little League, Vogl said. The city has a volunteer fire department with first responders and emergency medical technicians, and its American Legion Ballroom regularly holds events.

Arcadia city offers a “hometown-friendly” atmosphere,” Vogl said.

“It is not uncommon to see several neighbors out on the street visiting or one helping the other out by sharing some food with them or blowing the snow out of each other’s driveways,” Vogl said, referencing local “block parties” and twice-weekly breakfast and coffee get-togethers at the American Legion hall. “It doesn’t take long for neighbors to become best friends over here.”

For more information about purchasing a lot, contact Vogl at 712-689-2375.