January 24, 2014

The Carroll County Compensation Board recommended salary raises between 2.2 and 4 percent for elected county officials Thursday night.

If approved by the board of supervisors at its meeting on Monday, the raises would take effect in fiscal year 2015, which starts July 1.

The board recommended a 2.2 percent increase of $1,350 for Auditor Kourtney Irlbeck, which would raise her salary from $60,568 to $61,918.

It recommended 2.6 percent salary increases for the attorney, recorder, treasurer and supervisors. The current fiscal year 2014 salaries are $63,713 for Attorney John C. Werden, $54,429 for Recorder Marilyn Dopheide, $57,347 for Treasurer Jean Seidl and $27,792 for supervisors Mark Beardmore, Neil Bock, Eugene Meiners, Marty Danzer and Dan Nieland. If the increases are approved, the fiscal year 2015 salaries would be $65,413 for the attorney, $55,879 for the recorder, $58,847 for the treasurer and $28,542 for the supervisors.

The board also recommended a 4 percent salary increase for Sheriff Doug Bass, which would raise his salary from $72,419 to $75,319.

The supervisors can vote to approve the recommended salary increases or reduce the recommendations. Reductions must be the same percentage for all positions, The supervisors cannot increase salaries more than the compensation board's recommendations.

County officers each name representatives to the compensation board. Recommendations require majority vote for approval.

Iowa code says that in determining recommendations, compensation board must review the compensation paid to comparable officers in other Iowa counties, other states, private enterprise, and the federal government. In setting the sheriff's salary, the board must make it comparable to salaries paid to professional law-enforcement administrators and command officers of the State Patrol, Division of Criminal Investigation, Department of Public Safety, and city police agencies in Iowa.