Tom Masching works in the showroom for T&T Construction, the Breda company he owns. He hopes the showroom, which opened in June, will show more people what the company does.
Tom Masching works in the showroom for T&T Construction, the Breda company he owns. He hopes the showroom, which opened in June, will show more people what the company does.
October 25, 2013


When someone approached T&T Construction owner Tom Masching about creating a kitchen island comprising all curved panels, his first thought was, "How am I gonna build this?"

But he worked at it until he had a product he was proud of.

"I don't see anything we can't build," he said.

Masching, who started the company in 1996 in his hometown of Breda, opened a storeroom there in June to better showcase its work.

T&T Construction builds custom homes, but since 2001, when the company added on a wood shop, it has also provided custom cabinetry. In addition, T&T Construction provides remodeling services and custom woodworking. Masching hopes the showroom will promote that type of work.

"Because I was doing so many homes, people forgot about me for remodels, things like that," he said. "The showroom shows what else the company does."

The showroom has also allowed the company to offer a line of fireplaces and Diamond Vogel paint, as well as custom molding and trim.

"We provide something out of the ordinary that you just can't buy at the lumberyard," he said.

After opening the showroom, Masching joined the Carroll Chamber of Commerce. He plans to have a booth at the Home & Business Expo on Feb. 1.

He studied building trades at Iowa Lakes Community College and worked at several companies before starting T&T Construction with a friend in 1996. His partner went on to start a separate company, and Masching continued to build his work in Breda.

"Since probably seventh grade, it's what I always wanted to do, was woodworking," he said.

The company has built homes in Breda, Manning, Okoboji, Carroll and elsewhere, and Masching hopes to continue expanding its reach.

"I like taking somebody's dreams out of a pile of wood and making a piece of furniture, a cabinet, what have you, out of nothing, to exactly what the customer wants," he said.

Although Masching has several employees and coordinates subcontractors on big projects, he still makes sure he's out in the field and that his company is providing quality work. He tries to ensure that as the owner, he's providing a variety of hands-on services.

"Even though I'm doing houses, I still want to be able to install someone's front door or window," he said. "I still want to offer that handyman service."

The showroom allows Masching to directly demonstrate for customers samples of the cabinetry and woodworking services the company can provide. He recalled one woman who came to the showroom to buy a gallon of paint, saw the cabinets the company has done and ended up having T&T Construction redo her kitchen and two bathrooms.

"We joked about how much money she was spending," he laughed. "She said, 'I just wanted a gallon of paint!'"

Masching grew up in Breda. He and his wife, Jennifer, have three children - Miriah, 19, Cora, 4, and Jace, 2. Masching said he enjoys the fact that Breda allows his children to run through the neighborhoods or walk to the city pool without concern.

Although Breda might be a bit out of the way for some of the customers Masching seeks, he said he's confident about the upcoming years for the company. Although he'd like to add a few crews to his list of employees, he plans to stay out in the field as well. And he intends to keep the company in Breda.

"Once I get people (to the showroom), then they're convinced," he said. "That's where we started, that's where we live and that's where we're going to stay."