January 14, 2014

Responding to complaints from residents of the Northeast Park area, city officials are inclined to abandon plans for a dog park there and consider building the canine facility at the softball/baseball complex on the north side of town.

Parks and Recreation Director Jack Wardell said several people who live near Northeast Park "strongly encouraged" the city to look elsewhere. No firm plans for the dog park have been developed, but city officials have been publicly discussing Northeast Park's potential for months.

Wardell spoke about the dog park and other recreation matters Monday at the Carroll Rotary Club's noon luncheon at the Carrollton Centre.

The city is planning to develop a new disc golf course, possibly in Rolling Hills Park, Wardell said, noting that there are only six "holes" remaining in Graham Park as a result of the development of the tennis complex and skate park.

A regulation-sized basketball court also is being considered for Graham Park to replace the abandoned tennis courts.

All of the outdoor courts in Carroll's parks are too small for full-fledged 5-on-5 games, Wardell said.

Wardell said the parks department is also considering reinstating special corporate rates for Recreation Center memberships that would allow businesses to provide for their employees at a 10 percent discount.

Former Carroll City Councilman and Rotarian Phil Phillips said the city has to consider such measures to attract members.

"You've got a lot more competition that you didn't have," Phillips said.

Wardell said it is clear the Rec Center is losing single adults to private exercise businesses in Carroll.

That said, 3,200 people have some form of membership at the Carroll Rec Center, Wardell said.