July 15, 2013

The company that manufacturers surveillance drones in Carroll reports a surge in agricultural and energy industry demand for its product, which it says should boost employment opportunities locally.

Additionally, AirCover Integrated Solutions president and CEO James Hill said the privately held, Cedar Rapids-based company on July 4 opened a stock sale to investors that is expected to run until Labor Day as a program in Iowa, offers investors a 20% tax credit.

The AirCover product line is expanding from the first responder system into systems for use in crop inspection and information management. The company has developed a drone for agricultural uses with specialized features and different capabilities, Hill said.

"We have demand internationally, and we have to ramp up for that," Hill said.

AirCover, a leading international unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer, in 2012 officially opened assembly, sales and marketing operations in Carroll with plans for up to 20 employees by 2014 in the burgeoning high-tech industry.

The advanced research-and-development company specializes in surveillance drones and sensors for public safety, search-and-rescue missions and commercial applications. The company has a strong corporate footprint in Redding, California for R&D 360 days a year. The Carroll facility opened Nov. 11 at the 20th Street location north of U.S. Highway 71.

Investors interested in the company can make contact through email at: info@aircoversolutions.com