Daleney Teske
Daleney Teske
A Carroll Middle School student is the new face of a device that helps people lift their feet to walk.

Daleney Teske, 12, is now featured on the website of Bioness, a California company that makes leg cuffs that stimulate muscles in people who have difficulty lifting the fronts of their feet and trip when they walk.

Teske was born with cerebral palsy and has had to use splints to help deal with her so-called "foot drop." She learned about the Bioness device while competing in a Little Miss You Can Do It pageant in Kewanee, Ill., in 2008.

The device has a sensor in Daleney's shoes that detect her steps and sends electricity into her shin to help her pick up her toes. Without it, her toes would drag along the floor. She has slowly gained the ability to move without the help of a walker.

Bioness discovered Daleney's success after the Daily Times Herald published an article about the girl in December.

Daleney first heard about the device from another contestant at the Illinois pageant who was about her age and was using Bioness. Daleney's mother, Dayna, researched the product and found a Lincoln, Neb., hospital that would be willing to use Bioness on a child.

Daleney and her mother started making the six-hour haul to Lincoln once a month, then twice a week. During the program she used a treadmill that gives varying degrees of assistance, but by the end of the program Daleney didn't need any assistance.

Now Daleney works with Chris Staub and Active Performance Physical Therapy in Carroll.

Bioness, which has headquarters in Valencia, Calif., announced last week that it gained U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to market the product to children, and Daleney's photo appears on its website with the news release.

See Daleney on the Bioness website at www.bioness.com.