Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Carroll Area Development Corporation has formally endorsed extension of the 1-percent local-option sales tax in Carroll.

The election is Tuesday, Aug. 7, in the city. The tax needs at least 50 percent of the vote to remain in place. It includes a 10-year sunset.

The CADC board voted unanimously in favor of the endorsement during a recent meeting at the Carrollton Centre.

Twenty-five percent of the revenue from the current sales tax is applied to property-tax relief. The balance of the revenue can be used for any legal purpose at the City Council’s discretion. An extension of the sales tax would use the same formula.

“Extension of the local option sales tax in Carroll is one of CADC’s 2012 priorities,” said CADC vice president Jim Auen of Ike Auen Distributing. “More than $2 million in property-tax relief made possible by the sales tax is important to all property owners in the community, particularly those with commercial property. CADC serves existing industry and Carroll County communities. This is an important issue.”

The local option sales tax provided nearly $6.5 million from 2004 to 2011 for community improvements and enhancements.

The Corridor of Commerce Project transformed Carroll’s central business district and leveraged private investment attracting businesses and shoppers to Carroll, the CADC says in its endorsement.

Additionally, the CADC says construction of a new fire station provides adequate space for equipment and training of the volunteer fire department. This led to a much-needed expansion of the police station. In addition, local option sales tax dollars were used to support construction of the U.S. Highway 30/Griffith Road traffic signal, Carroll Aquatic Center, airport taxiway and tennis courts.

Fifty-eight percent of the revenue collected from the local option sales tax is shared with neighboring communities and the Carroll County Supervisors. This assures that every resident in Carroll County benefits from the local option sales tax revenue, the CADC says.

The development organization adds that people from outside the county that shop in Carroll and share streets, infrastructure and public services pay the tax, thereby helping fund maintenance and improvements in Carroll.

“This revenue generated by the local option sales tax is important to maintaining and improving our community,” said CADC treasurer Nick Badding of Badding Construction. “A vote for extension of the tax is a vote for continued growth for Carroll and Carroll County.”