Dean Martin Loew
Dean Martin Loew
January 8, 2014

A judge on Tuesday denied a former Carroll man's request to reduce the amount of money he must pay to be free from jail - which stands at $100,000 cash - as he awaits trial for seven felony drug charges.

Dean Martin Loew, 46, has been held at Carroll County Jail for about a month after his arrest for alleged drug sales of methamphetamine and marijuana in July. He faces up to 95 years in prison if convicted of all the charges.

Loew most recently lived in Bellevue, Neb., but traveled to Carroll County to a farmstead south of Arcadia for the sales, Coon Rapids Police Chief Joel Roetman said in a Carroll courtroom on Monday.

Local law officers documented two of Loew's alleged drug sales in July and used a search warrant to confiscate the drugs, court records show. His arrest was delayed while the alleged methamphetamine was tested by the state's crime lab in Ankeny.

In a court hearing on Monday to decide whether Loew's bond would be reduced, Carroll County Attorney John Werden said Loew might flee the area if he is released from jail and that he's a threat to the people who allegedly helped law officers bust him.

Roetman paraphrased some of the voicemail messages that he said Loew left for at least one of the police informants:

"Run (explicit) run. Run (explicit) run. When I find ya, I'm gonna beat ya."

Loew has past convictions for assault and harassment, online court records show.

Loew allegedly threatened to "camp out" near one of the informants' homes and said he "better run."

Roetman said one of Loew's daughters also threatened the alleged informants, but he did not elaborate on the content of those threats.

"He is a threat with a history of violence," Roetman said of Loew.

Werden said Loew might flee if released from jail because Loew allegedly told an officer who arrested him in Bellevue in November that he planned to move to Pittsburgh.

But Loew's court-appointed attorney, Robert Peterson, of Carroll, told a judge on Monday that Loew would remain in the area if released to tend to his ailing mother and that his alleged threats were hollow.

One of the alleged informants is 6-foot-1, weighs about 300 pounds and is at least 10 years younger than Loew.

"Was that a credible threat?" Peterson wondered.

District Judge Gary McMinimee said it was credible in his ruling on the bond-reduction request Tuesday.

"The current $100,000 cash bond is appropriate considering the danger the defendant appears to pose to others if released pending trial," McMinimee wrote.

Loew faces charges for delivery of methamphetamine and marijuana, possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, and drug-related tax violations.

Loew has allegedly agreed to be an informant since his arrest and set up an exchange of up to a half pound of pure meth, said Jon Cretsinger, a sheriff's deputy for Carroll County.

"He says he could make those arrangements over the phone," Cretsinger said in court on Monday.

Officers tested the methamphetamine Loew allegedly possessed in July and found it to be "very pure, which confirmed Loew's claims to be purchasing direct from Mexican sources," Roetman wrote in a criminal complaint.