Dean Martin Loew
Dean Martin Loew
December 5, 2013

A former Carroll man faces multiple felony drug charges for allegedly possessing marijuana and a very pure type of methamphetamine that he claims came directly from drug runners in Mexico, according to court documents.

Dean Martin Loew, 46, now of Bellevue, Neb., allegedly admitted to investigators that he buys the drugs in large quantities and resells them several times each week, the documents show.

A local drug-surveillance team - composed of officers from the Coon Rapids Police Department, Carroll County Sheriff's Office and Iowa State Patrol - documented two of Loew's alleged drug sales in July and used a search warrant during the second sale to confiscate the drugs.

Loew's felony charges - three for allegedly dealing methamphetamine and two for marijuana - were delayed while investigators tested the methamphetamine, which often takes months.

"The seized methamphetamine was very pure which confirmed Loew's claims to be purchasing direct from Mexican sources," Coon Rapids Police Chief Joel Roetman wrote in a criminal complaint that the Daily Times Herald obtained with a public-records request.

The complaint and other documents the newspaper obtained are not yet a part of public court record because further charges are pending. The Times Herald gained the documents through a request for emails of Carroll County Attorney John Werden, who had tipped off another reporter about the story by sending the documents before they were publicly available.

Emails sent and received by public officials are generally considered a public record under Iowa law.

A warrant for Loew's arrest was issued Nov. 26, and he was arrested in Nebraska and held at the Douglas County jail, according to Werden's email.

The felony charges are punishable by a total of up to 85 years in prison if Loew is convicted.

Loew is currently on probation for two 2012 convictions for possession of a controlled substance, which Loew unsuccessfully appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court.