November 28, 2016

The Carroll County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved forgiving the December rent for Mallard View Care Facility on Monday after administrators said all clients will be out by Dec. 1.

The board previously OK’d cutting Mallard View’s rent in half to $1,250 last summer due to dwindling clientele.

Mallard View has been forced to partner with Family Resource Center because of state and federal laws requiring clients to be placed in a home setting inside city limits. Mallard View is about one-quarter mile outside of Carroll.

Mallard View administrators had told the board they would be out of the building by Dec. 31. The board agreed to give them the month to remove their property.

“If there aren’t going to be any clients in December, they won’t have any income,” Supervisor Marty Danzer said. “I have no problem with forgiving the rent next month.”

Mallard View Administrative Assistant Stacey Peter confirmed all clients will be out of the building by early December.

“We have one house (where a client is moving) that the owner doesn’t take possession of until Dec. 1,” she said. “So they’ll be here until Dec. 3 or so, but other than that everyone is gone.”

The board issued a Request for Proposal for the county-owned property in October and plan to open them at the Dec. 19 regular meeting.

The county will be responsible for utility and upkeep costs until the Mallard View property can be sold.

In other business, the board voted unanimously to update the county’s computer-system equipment policy.

The biggest change is the requirement that county employees change their securer passwords at least once every 120 days.

“There’s a lot of viruses and malware out there,” IT Director Carl Wilburn told the board. “This policy may lean on the more-strict side and there’s no way to stop everything, but this will protect from most things.”

The board also approved two new plats and two annual manure-management updates for Daniel D. Pottroff and A&J Farms.

Supervisor Mark Beardmore was absent from the meeting.