Jean Seidl
Jean Seidl

November 1, 2016

The Carroll County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved adding a staff member and increasing staff salaries in the Treasurer’s Office at its regular meeting on Monday.

Treasurer Jean Seidl told the board that in order to get her office prepared for full-time driver’s license issuance next year she needs to hire an additional employee and give a small increase to existing employees.

The additional employee will be tasked with driver’s license issuance duties, along with helping other staff when necessary. His or her salary will be $28,750 plus benefits.

Seidl’s office will also receive $2,300 for a promotion to driver’s license deputy and $5,000 to be split among other staff for increased responsibility.

In August, Seidl told the board she wanted to promote someone to office deputy, but has now reconsidered.

“The clerks that I have in my office have anywhere between two and three years of experience, and I don’t feel at this point in time it would be prudent to name a new office deputy,” she told the board.

She said hiring a new office deputy would cost at least $9,000 because that position is required by law to be paid at least 60 percent of the county treasurer’s salary.

Seidl also told the board that if driver’s license revenue is consistent with expectations, her office would net the county around $7,000 in the first year.

Supervisor Chairman Neil Bock said he believed the board needed to move forward so Seidl can plan ahead.

“You asked if we were sure you want to handle driver’s licenses,” Bock said to Seidl. “My answer is absolutely we are. I keep telling the public you’re just providing the space right now, that’s why it’s only two days a week. The public is looking forward to it being open five days a week.”

Bock also said he wanted to be clear about where he stands on the issuance of commercial driver’s licenses.

“My position on the CDL is let’s first get driver’s license under our wing,” Bock said. “Get it up and running on our own. Then we can talk about CDLs.”

The entire board thanked Seidl for the extra work she has put in over the past four months to prepare the driver’s license station for the people of Carroll County.

“I have nothing to gain by doing this other than serving the county,” Seidl said. “I’m happy to do, but I need to know where you want me to go with it.”