Carolyn Siemann
Carolyn Siemann

April 30, 2019

Carroll City Councilwoman Carolyn Siemann has announced she intends to run for re-election on Nov. 5.

Siemann hopes to continue moving the city forward with proposed, just-begun and in-progress projects, including upcoming improvements to the Carroll Recreation Center, trail improvements, a street maintenance building and improvements to the city’s cemetery museum.

“When I show up, I want to give people a voice and advocate for them when I’m at the table,” she said.

Siemann, 71, is married to Carroll attorney Greg Siemann, and they have two daughters: Erin Gross, who lives with her family in Omaha, and Jamie Thomson, who lives with her family in Toronto.

Siemann first was appointed to the council in 2006 to fill a vacancy. During her 13 years on the council, she has supported improvements to the Carroll Recreation Center, including family changing rooms, and has advocated for proposed changes to the Rec Center such as improved locker rooms and a east-side addition.

“I’d say it’s really phenomenal that a town the size of Carroll has a place like the Rec Center to go to,” she said. “A lot of the recreation (improvements) were big accomplishments that I believe added amenities, since we want to maintain our population, attract people and fill jobs.”

Siemann added that she also is proud of how the city’s financial outlook has improved during the time she has been on the council, noting that the city’s property tax levy has dropped from more than $13 per $1,000 of valuation when she started to its current rate of $11.58.

“It’s bounced up and down a little depending on our debt, but I believe we’re very sound financially in comparison to other towns our size,” she said.

Siemann also recently proposed a plan for setting aside $1 million to help lower the amount of a likely upcoming referendum for Rec Center improvements.

I think we have some very positive things as I look ahead,” Siemann said. “That’s why I want to run. We need to keep moving forward on these. I want to make sure we keep moving forward as a city. I want to stay involved and keep us focused on the projects the council has committed to.”