December 19, 2016

The Carroll County Board of Supervisors did not receive a single bid on the Mallard View property after asking the public for proposals last fall.

The property — located just north of Carroll — will be officially vacated on Dec. 31, meaning all expenses incurred from the county-owned building will be the supervisors’ responsibility.

“The question is how long are we willing to sit on it before we move to raze it,” Supervisor Mark Beardmore said. “It’s only going to cost us money until we get rid of it one way or another.”

In September, Mallard View administrators informed the board they would be shutting their doors by the end of the year do to regulations demanding clients be placed in in-home living situations inside the community. Mallard View later partnered with the Family Resource Center to place its clients — a process that was completed earlier this month.

The board commissioned Region XII Council of Governments to write and promote a Request for Proposal in October and had hoped to open bids during a public hearing Monday morning. Because no bids were presented, the board agreed to discuss its options moving forward at the Dec. 27 meeting.

While some supervisors expressed minor disappointment in not receiving a bid, they agreed the process was necessary.

“Looking back at the RFP process, there was a tongue-in-cheek comment about whether it was a good idea or not,” Beardmore said. “I still think it was a great idea. We still had to have some standardized point of entry.”

Supervisor Dean Schettler said he was concerned the extra transparency required due to the seller being a government agency may have spooked potential buyers.

The board did agree to shut off the water to the building while leaving the electricity and heat connected.

“We took on all comers, and I thought we had a flurry of interest even if it didn’t turn into a proposal,” Beardmore said.

Anyone still interested learning more about the property can contact any of the supervisors through the Carroll County webpage.

In other business, preparing next fiscal year’s budget, the board heard funding requests from nonprofit organizations: Community of Concern, Manning Child Care Center, Carroll Area Development Corporation, Carroll County Fair Board, Family Crisis Center and New Opportunities.

The board will make final funding decisions as it crafts the budget over the next few months.