September 22, 2017

The following candidates have filed to run for mayor or city council in Carroll and other area cities, with many races uncontested and three, in Halbur, Dedham and Willey, with not enough candidates.

All council seats other than in Carroll are at-large, meaning all city residents can vote for any of the candidates.

The elections are Nov. 7.


Mayor: Eric P. Jensen

Councilperson at large: Jerry Fleshner

Councilperson, Ward 1 (one seat): Michael Kots

Councilperson, Ward 2 (one seat): Clayton Haley, Jean A. Ludwig


Mayor: John Kevin Liechti

Councilperson (two seats): Leroy Schulte, Linda Julin


Mayor: Michael D. Schwabe

Councilperson (three seats): Christopher H. Uhlenkamp, Martin Snyder, Samantha Pietig, Robert Boeckman

Councilperson (to fill vacancy): Brian Steinkamp

Coon Rapids

Councilperson (three seats): Codi Willenborg, Joshua Carpenter, Janelle Kracht

Thomas Rest Haven Trustee: Ron Rafferty


Mayor: Robert Sporrer

Councilperson (three seats): Tom Seidl, Christopher John Hoffman, no third candidate


Mayor: Roger Hartwigsen

Councilperson (two seats): Michelle Daniel, Morgan L. Bock Green, Bob Linde


Mayor: Randy Theulen

Councilperson (two seats): Bryan Wittrock, no second candidate


Mayor: Jamie Hanlon

Councilperson (three seats): Angela Richardson, Wayne Hart, Wanda Batta


Mayor: Max R. Wenck

Councilperson (three seats): Shirley Kanne, Terrance Daniel, Stan Hoffman, Anthony Ryan Monthei


Mayor: Harvey Dales

Councilperson (three seats): Jeremy Carroll, Dick Johnson, Lonny Rowedder, Joe Maas


Mayor: Chad Stevens

Councilperson (two seats): Annie Johnston, Curt Hike


Mayor: Ken F. Behrens

Councilperson (two seats): Lisa Jensen, Kelli Morrow, Mark A. Bauer

Councilperson (to fill vacancy): Doyle Engelen


Mayor: John Guinan

Councilperson (two seats): Keith R. Schreck, no second candidate