Construction continues at Carroll Public Library on a recent morning.
Construction continues at Carroll Public Library on a recent morning.

April 9, 2019

About half of the “contingency” fund allocated for Carroll’s City Hall and library improvements remains after a third adjustment to the project’s budget.

Carroll’s City Council members approved the change during their meeting Monday evening. It will use $86,606 of the contingency, a $362,088 fund worked into the $6.8 million library and City Hall improvement project to pay for unexpected costs that arise during construction.

This is the third change order approved for the project that pulls funds from the contingency. This latest adjustment includes a variety of changes, the largest of which are a mothers’ room and family restroom in the library; networking, sump pump and hardware at City Hall; and watermain modifications at the library.

The three change orders total $172,144, leaving $189,944 for additional construction changes that arise as the projects continue.

“There are additional contingency items that will be brought forward, and that amount will go down,” City Manager Mike Pogge-Weaver said. “But at this point we still are comfortable that we will remain within the planned contingency for the project as a whole.”

The three change orders added days to the planned timelines for both projects; the anticipated completion dates now are Sept. 20 for City Hall and Dec. 17 for the library.

Councilman Clay Haley, who took a tour of the two construction sites this week, complimented the projects’ progress.

It really is quite phenomenal to see the changes that have gone on there,” he said. “To see light shining through one side of the library to the other (after windows were cut out) was phenomenal to check out, and at City Hall, the progress there is second to none. They’ve really made strides there. It’s looking great.”