Drown the iPhone. Sewer that Blackberry. Bury the laptop in the backyard snow.

It’s time to don a raggedy robe and kick on a pair of jellies slippers. Don’t just let your hair down. Let it grow down.

And find a White Russian. Post haste.

In a world of boomeranging e-mails, constant chatter and 24/7 connectivity, it’s time to go all 1998 on 2010.

We need The Dude, dudes.

As in Lebowski, Jeff Lebowski (aka The Dude), the iconic slacker who helped turn the 1998 Joel and Ethan Coen film “The Big Lebowski” into a cult classic.

Don’t take it from Cityview, man.

This is the word from a Drake University professor who recently penned an essay on The Dude’s drink, the White Russian. Anyone who has seen “The Big Lebowski” cannot fathom the first frothy sip of this sweet intoxicant without conjuring images of Jeff Bridges.

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