August 29, 2013


Five local school boards will have contested races on the Sept. 10 ballot. The districts include Carroll, Jefferson-Scranton, Coon Rapids-Bayard, IKM-Manning and East Sac County.

School board directors serve four-year terms. A comprehensive list of candidates is as follows:

■ Carroll Community School District - Three candidates are running for two seats. Duane Horsley and Jennifer Munson are on the ballot, and Dave Teske is running as a write-in candidate. All have Carroll addresses and none are incumbents. Watch future editions of the Daily Times Herald for more on these candidates.

■ Jefferson-Scranton - Newcomer John McConnell is challenging incumbents Teresa Hagen, David Ohrt and Mark Peters in a battle for three open seats. All four candidates reside in Jefferson.

■ Coon Rapids-Bayard - Running for a single open seat in District 1 are Kelly Pevestorf and Brenda Schlatter, both of Coon Rapids. Schlatter was appointed to fill the position, but not elected, making neither woman an incumbent. Running unopposed for an open seat in District 3 is Jason Rosenbeck of Coon Rapids. Competing for a single open seat in District 4 are Steve Dentlinger and Chad Leighty, both of Coon Rapids. Dentlinger is an incumbent. Pat McAlister of Bayard and Joel Davis of Coon Rapids will run unopposed for a District 6 seat and an at-large seat, respectively.

■ IKM-Manning - Five candidates are competing for two open at-large seats. Sam Hansen of rural Manning, Jeff Hornback of rural Manning, Dennis Kasparbauer of rural Manning, Zachery J. Meiners of rural Denison and Eric Ramsey of Manning are on the ballot. Kasparbauer and Ramsey are incumbents. Running unopposed for seats in district 1B and 2B are Amy Ferneding of Manning and Jim Thraen of rural Irwin, respectively. Ferneding is an incumbent.

■ East Sac County - Carolyn Carnes of Lake View, Rochelle Crump of Sac City, Amanda Lynch of Sac City, Jackie Mahler of Sac City and Jay Stoltenberg of Wall Lake are competing for two open positions. None of the candidates are incumbents.

Uncontested races include:

■ Glidden-Ralston - Matt Connor, Robert Butch Gregory and Renee Schon are running for three seats. All candidates are incumbents with rural Glidden addresses.

■ Audubon - Sarah Asmus and Becky Jones are running for two open seats. Both are residents of Audubon. Neither are incumbents.

■ Ar-We-Va - Bryan T. Dalton of Vail and Sara Skinner of Westside are running for two seats. Both are incumbents.

■ South Central Calhoun - Larry Irwin and Jim Brown are running uncontested for seats in Districts 1 and 3, respectively. There is also an open at-large seat for which there are no official candidates and no declared write-in candidates. Due to the impending consolidation of the district, this term is only for nine months. The combined board for the new district has already been appointed. These appointments will take effect in July 2014.

Issue questions on the ballot include:

■ A 10-year physical plant and equipment levy (PPEL) for Jefferson-Scranton, not to exceed $1.34 per $1,000 of valuation. The levy also includes the implementation of an income surtax of up to 13 percent, to be determined each year by the school's board of directors.

According to superintendent Tom Christensen, this income surtax allows the sole burden of the levy to be removed from the shoulders of property owners alone. By collecting the funds through an income tax, all who live in the district, including those who rent, will contribute. Any potential funds not received through the income surtax will then be generated through the property tax. However, implementing the income tax will not enable the school to collect more money than it would in a straight property tax, he added.

Christensen said that, if passed, the levy would provide approximately $600,000 annually to the district. The funds would be used primarily to replace roofs on the elementary, middle and high school buildings, to purchase new buses, and to update heating and cooling equipment. No funds from a PPEL can be used to pay employee salaries or benefits. Estimates provided by Christensen show that the cost of the levy to a married couple making $50,000 a year would be $325.

■ A revenue purpose statement for South Central Calhoun. A revenue purpose statement explains how a school district can spend its portion of the state sales tax. Of the 6-cent sales tax in Iowa, 1 cent is automatically designated for education.

According to superintendent Jeff Kruse, similar statements had been passed previously for the Southern Cal and Rockwell-City Community School Districts. However, because the districts voted to consolidate, the statement must be passed again for the new district. The ballot measure states that the district may use the funds for repair and construction of new and current buildings, playgrounds, transportation and technology, or to pay down debt, among other purposes.

According to Kruse, this state funding generates about $600,000 annually for the combined district. If not passed, the district would lose its "flexibility" in determining how to spend the funds and would have to follow "restrictive state rules," said Kruse.

■ Two renewal levies for Des Moines Area Community College. The first, a plant levy, is for 20.25 cents per thousand dollars of valuation. The funds generated through this levy are used for renovation of existing campuses and facilities. The second, a six cent per thousand dollars of valuation levy, provides funds used to purchase educational equipment for career, technical, science and educational programs. Their status as renewal levies means that their passage would not increase taxes.