May 7, 2019

Students travelled from booth to booth, absorbing as much information as they could take in.

They only had one day, but they wanted to take advantage of the time they had with local businesses to get as many tips and learn as much as possible about what careers are offered in rural Iowa.

To show East Sac County High School students all of the science, technology, engineering and math careers available in the Lake View area, the school put together a STEM career day April 26.

Vanessa Davis, an AmeriCorps Volunteers in Service to America representative at East Sac Community School District, spent the past few months looking online for different businesses to contact for the day. In total, 10 businesses took their time to spend the day with East Sac students.

A few of the local businesses included: Brotherton Chiropractic of Lake View, Corn Belt Telephone Co. of Wall Lake, JEO Consulting Group of Carroll, Robinson Ruhnke of Carroll and more.

Davis said she was nervous at first for her first big STEM event, but once it got started, she was pleased with how it went.

“It went really well,” she said. “What I think was great was, when I asked the employers what they thought, they all thought it was great. I see it as a positive in hindsight.”

The STEM event was set up in the high school gym, where high school students could wander through and speak with representatives from different businesses and learn all that they had to offer. Each business gave a presentation of what STEM day means and why it is significant, Davis said.

Even though a lot of the students had not heard of the businesses before, Davis said every student stopped at every booth to see what each employer did and had to offer.

Next year, Davis said, the plan is to open up the STEM day to even more businesses who are interested.

I wanted to show students that these jobs and these opportunities are here in Iowa,” she said. “Some of them, we don’t even know about. It was great for us to have the experience together.”