October 4, 2017

A quick Google search can lead to hours of endless scrolling in the hunt for an answer that, in person, can be settled in seconds.

Fortunately, all of those questions might be answered soon.

On Oct. 26, Des Moines Area Community College’s Carroll campus will hold a “community connections night” from 4-6 p.m. for anyone interested in networking with local service providers of mental-health services, child care and much more. This event will help educate residents on resources in the community and how they can qualify for certain services.

To plan this event, Renee Schon, DMACC’s coordinator of student and human resources, began discussing the possibility of a human services night with Lisa Smith of IowaWorks Center.

“It gives people an opportunity to meet with someone face to face and learn about the services that might be able to help them,” Schon said. “Even for nurses in Carroll, they can learn about other resources for their clients.”

At the community connections night, 30 service providers will align tables around the edge of a classroom, allowing people to stop at each booth to learn more about their program. In addition to mental health and child care, agencies offering job-hunting, educational and disability services and more will be present.

“They’ll learn about what services they offer, the type of services as well as what you would do to qualify, how to sign up for services,” said Teresa Friesen, a DMACC instructor of human services, sociology and psychology.

Door prizes will be available to attendees — they must be present to win. The grand prize will be a tablet.

“We hope it will be an opportunity for people to learn about what’s available and support each other,” Friesen said.

“It’s going to be a positive and welcoming environment for the community.”