Fairview Elementary repainted the school’s original gym gray and orange. This cost $8,000.
Fairview Elementary repainted the school’s original gym gray and orange. This cost $8,000.

August 10, 2017

Before school is back in session, the Carroll schools are finishing up a few minor repairs and improvements.

Adams and Fairview Elementary along with Carroll High School all had minor restorations this summer, but superintendent Rob Cordes, explained they didn’t have many projects because they have $750,000 set aside for the new stadium. The construction for it will begin after this football season ends.

At Adams Elementary, two trip hazards by the east and west side doors were removed. Late last year, they removed them on the north and south side doors. New walkways were put in on the east and west sides of Adams where the trip hazards were removed. That cost a total of $8,100.

At Fairview, they are remodeling the entire kitchen. The entire dish room is being updated costing $21,889. The serving line is being updated costing $14,177. The kitchen will have all new stainless steel appliances: including a new Salvajor dish disposal system to help update the old tray disposal system to be a more efficient cleaning method.

At Carroll High School, the bricks on the building were tuck-pointed. This means that a company takes out the loose concrete between the bricks and refills them with new concrete and water-proofs the bricks as well. Cost is $18,000.

An online addition has been made to Carroll schools this year— online registration. There will no longer be any paper forms available, and all registration fees will be paid online using PaySchools or mailed to the district office.

Online registration can be completed through infinite campus, but if parents do not have a portal, they can register by contacting Kerri Ladehoff at kladehoff@carrolltigers.org or by phone at 712-775-8001 or Craig Rowedder at crowedder@carrolltigers.org or by phone at 712-775-5011. If a family does not have internet access at home, they can reserve a kiosk station by calling the district office at 712-792-8001.