March 28, 2018

A 29-year-old Carroll woman who ignored a convenience store clerk’s reminder to pay for her ice cream on Sunday was stopped in her car by a police officer minutes after she left the store and found with the pilfered treat, according to court records.

Nyaduar Thoa Gatbel is charged with misdemeanor theft, a crime punishable by up to 30 days in jail.

Thoa Gatbel went into Casey’s General Store, 613 U.S. Highway 30 West, about 5:30 p.m. and dispensed the soft-serve fare into a cone, court records show.

It’s unclear whether the woman chose vanilla, chocolate or a combination thereof.

A cashier asked Thoa Gatbel to pay for the creamy confection — cones are about $1.50 — but instead she allegedly returned to the dispenser, topped off the cone, put more ice cream in a cup, walked out of the store and drove away.

“The vehicle was stopped by law enforcement a couple of minutes after the incident,” a police officer wrote in a criminal complaint, “and an ice cream cone and Casey’s cup were located in the center console next to the defendant.”

Thoa Gatbel was not taken to jail. She is set to appear in court on April 5.