Austin Greve
Austin Greve

June 16, 2017

A 26-year-old Audubon man intended to kill another man who refused his demands to stop dating a woman.

Austin Michael Greve allegedly went into a house in early February and attacked Joshua Bowen, 24, with a knife.

Greve had previously threatened to kill Bowen if he kept dating a woman in town, according to a recent search warrant request that investigators used to get Greve’s palm prints. Greve reportedly said he would throw Bowen down a well and sent messages to Bowen’s manager asking him to get “Bowen alone so that Greve can cause harm to Bowen,” court records show.

Greve’s relation to the woman is unclear.

Bowen noticed an intruder inside his house about 9:30 p.m. on Feb. 2 and went to his bedroom to retrieve a shotgun that he loaded with one slug.

The men later met in the dining room where a fight ensued, Bowen with the gun and Greve with a knife.

The shotgun discharged without hitting Greve, so Bowen dropped it to defend himself against the knife. After Greve stabbed Bowen in the neck, Bowen was able to wrestle away the knife and subdue Greve. Bowen was atop Greve on the living room floor when law officers arrived. It’s unclear who called for help, but court records show Bowen’s girlfriend was at the house at the time of the fight.

Greve faces four felonies for attempted murder, burglary, willful injury and going armed with intent. Two of those charges are punishable by up to 25 years in prison.

Greve has hired a forensic psychiatrist to aid his defense, court records show. Forensic psychiatrists specialize in determining how mental-health issues affect criminal defendants’ culpability and competency to stand trial.

It’s unclear from what mental-health disorder Greve might suffer. His attorney has not alleged that Greve is not culpable or not competent to defend himself at trial.

Greve is held in the Audubon County jail in lieu of $65,000 bail. He was set to stand trial in May, but the trial has been indefinitely postponed.