Keegan Cross
Keegan Cross

February 14, 2018

A 35-year-old Schaller man was arrested last week along with his mother for growing marijuana in his grandfather’s basement for the second time in less than a year.

Keegan Abraham Cross and mother Glenda Turnquist, 58, each face two criminal drug charges, the most serious of which is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Sac County Sheriff deputies searched their house in the 500 block of South Perth Street on Feb. 6 and found a “marijuana growing operation” in its basement, court records show.

That included grow lights, irrigation systems, a humidifier, an air-filtration system, hydroponic pots and others.

“I observed these items being used to grow marijuana plants which were in different stages of maturity,” a deputy wrote.

Cross and Turnquist are unemployed, according to their requests for court-appointed attorneys. Turnquist was released from the Sac County jail. Cross is still held there in lieu of $7,300 bail.

The pair were first arrested for growing marijuana at the house in March 2017 after a deputy smelled the odor of marijuana emanating from the house.

“Cross openly admitted that the grow operation was his,” a deputy wrote in a criminal complaint. “He stated that he wasn’t hurting anybody by doing it.”

Cross assisted his 91-year-old grandfather with food and medicine, according to court records. He used the grandfather’s credit card to buy some of the growing equipment.

Cross was sentenced in August to three years of probation. Turnquist received a deferred judgment in December and one year of probation.

Both subsequently tested positive for the psychoactive chemical in marijuana, indicating they had used the drug despite a judge’s order to abstain while on probation.

Sac County Attorney Ben Smith has moved to revoke their probations.

It’s unclear in court documents what led deputies to search the Schaller house again this year. The search-warrant application has not yet become a public record.