David Anderson
David Anderson

August 10, 2017

A nurse who admitted to stealing a powerful anesthesia drug from Manning Regional Healthcare Center will not go to prison if he follows the terms of his probation, a judge decided this week.

David Michael Anderson, 52, of Boone, received a 10-year suspended prison sentence and five years of probation on Tuesday for repeatedly stealing fentanyl early this year, court records show.

Anderson is a nurse anesthetist who specializes in pain relief and sedation. It’s the second time he has been caught stealing anesthesia drugs from hospitals.

The Iowa Board of Nursing put Anderson on probation in 2009 for taking and abusing sufentanil — the most potent synthetic opioid painkiller approved for humans — from hospitals over the course of about three years.

It’s unclear whether the board will take action against Anderson for his recent felony drug conviction. State records show that Anderson’s nurse license expires next week.

His recent thefts from the Manning hospital happened between December and March.

A Medicaid fraud investigator uncovered the thefts. Anderson pleaded guilty in June.

District Judge Gary McMinimee suspended Anderson’s prison sentence this week but imposed a $1,000 fine and ordered him to comply with drug-abuse treatment as directed by his probation officer.