December 15, 2016

A 46-year-old Schleswig man will serve up to five years in prison for firing his shotgun at law-enforcement officers in a March standoff at his apartment, according to court records.

James Scott Champion was injured by the officers March 9 when he emerged from his apartment after the four-hour standoff, fired the gun and was shot twice by the officers in his torso.

The incident began when someone asked the officers to check on the man’s welfare about 6:20 p.m., but he refused to open the door and threatened them with the shotgun. Champion’s father had died weeks before, and investigators questioned his welfare and mental well-being, court records show.

Champion was agitated each time the officers attempted to negotiate with him to put down the weapon and step outside the apartment, the records show.

Champion was arrested for two felonies for assault on a peace officer.

Those who searched his apartment after his arrest found a tactical, semi-automatic rifle that was loaded with a total of 20 rounds of ammunition. They also found two additional rifle magazines that contained a further 55 rounds of ammo.

A relative paid $5,000 bail to get Champion out of jail, but he violated the conditions of his release three months later by drinking alcohol, failing to take unspecified medications and destroying property at the relative’s house.

Champion pleaded guilty in November to one felony assault on a peace officer charge, and the other was dismissed.

A judge sentenced him this month to up to five years in prison. Iowa inmates typically serve a little less than half of their total possible sentence because they get credit for good behavior.