Steve Thomas Schneider
Steve Thomas Schneider
May 22, 2014

A Carroll man found guilty of six felony sex-abuse charges this month for allegedly having sex with his teenage niece fired his defense attorneys and replaced them with a high-profile Des Moines attorney - a move that is expected to delay a judge's decision about the man's punishment, according to court records.

Steve Thomas Schneider's request to delay his sentencing hearing is set to be discussed in court Friday. The sentencing is currently set for Tuesday, and Schneider, 36, faces up to 30 years in prison.

Schneider requested a transcript of his two-day trial for his new attorney, Alfredo Parrish, who is defending a Davenport man at his involuntary-manslaughter trial in southeast Iowa this week.

Parrish is a longtime civil rights attorney who, in 2009, successfully argued to void the murder conviction of a Des Moines woman who killed her infant son in 1998. The woman later pleaded guilty to child-endangerment charges and left prison on parole in 2012.

Parrish also successfully defended an Altoona soldier in 2010 from a murder charge for the death of a woman who was struck by a pickup truck in a Lowe's parking lot in that town in 2005.

Schneider's former attorneys were John Flynn and John Jordan, of Boone.

"Because (we) have been fired and ... the trial transcript has not yet been received, more time is needed before the defendant is sentenced," Flynn and Jordan wrote in court documents filed Wednesday.

County Attorney John Werden, the lead prosecutor of the case, did not contest the delay Wednesday, and he asked that the sentencing hearing be moved to June 23.

Schneider was convicted by Carroll County jurors on May 1 of the six sex-abuse charges, which stemmed from a six-month time period between January and June 2009 when Schneider was 31 and divorced, and the victim alleged that she and Schneider had consensual sex.

The initial criminal complaint against Schneider alleged that the sexual relationship lasted for about three years, starting when the victim was 12.

Adults cannot have sex with children younger than 16 under Iowa law. Schneider allegedly admitted to the sex to his brother and sister - the mother of the victim.

Schneider's wife, Crystal, was loudly inconsolable in court after Schneider was convicted and called the victim a whore.

Crystal Schneider has insisted in subsequent telephone conversations with the Daily Times Herald that her husband is innocent.