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Chad Hartzler
Chad Hartzler
The former West Central Cooperative employee who allegedly took dozens of bribes worth more than $479,000 in exchange for steep discounts on crop seed and other products, is expected to plead guilty today to a federal charge of wire fraud, court records show.
  • Double-murder trial moved to Sioux City
    A 20-year-old Denison man’s double-murder-and-arson trial is set to start in late April in Sioux City, where it was moved after his alleged cohort was convicted of the crimes in Denison in January, according to court records. 
  • Why did Michael Schenk help investigators?
    Double-murder and arson suspect Michael Schenk led investigators to discover a stash of evidence that prosecutors are using to try to put him in prison for life. 
  • Murder suspect sniffles at trial
    He made it through repeated, detailed descriptions of his alleged crime, as well as the testimony of the daughter of the woman he is accused of killing. 
  • A 41-year-old Carroll man will serve 10 years in federal prison for selling large amounts of methamphetamine to an undercover state narcotics enforcement agent several times last year, according to court documents. 
  • ‘Our lives are over’
    With gunshots ringing in the air — more than four, with a reload in between each pull of the trigger — he returned to his two friends. 
  • Murder defendant wants to toss key evidence
    A Walmart receipt that ties a Denison man to a 2014 double-homicide should not be used as evidence in his first-degree murder trial this week because it has faded beyond recognition in the past 10 months, the man’s attorney argues in court documents. 
  • Lawsuit would force farmers to restrict fertilizer runoff
    Northwest Iowa farmers should be forced to limit the amount of nitrogen that flows from their fields into the rivers that provide drinking water for people in Des Moines, according to the city’s water chief. 
  • Attorney wants Sac City murder trial moved again
    Potential jurors in Webster County will have a “tainted” opinion of the Georgia man accused of a 2009 murder whose trial this month ended prematurely when a police officer referred to him as a “bad” guy, the man’s attorney argues in his request today to move the new trial to a different county. 
  • Sac City murder trial moves to Boone
    The Georgia man accused of the 2009 murder of his Sac City roommate will face his second trial for the crime in Boone in March, according to court documents. 
  • Judges: murderer did not request attorney
    A 23-year-old Early man who cut and stabbed his mother 88 times, strangled her with a belt and bashed her head with a large glass bottle did not clearly request an attorney before he confessed to the crime, and his conviction — and his sentence of life in prison — will stand, the Iowa Court of Appeals ruled this week. 
  • Lawyer: Carroll woman at fault for McDonald’s fall, injuries
    A 62-year-old Carroll woman who filed a lawsuit last month against the local McDonald’s owner after she fell on a slick floor at the restaurant last year should have avoided the fall by walking a different path, a McDonald’s lawyer wrote in a request to dismiss the lawsuit. 
  • Man who abused child relative suffers from fetishism
    A 73-year-old rural Glidden man who pleaded guilty Monday to a felony sex abuse charge for forcing a child to touch his penis is obsessive-compulsive and is sexually aroused by unspecified inanimate objects, according to court records. 
  • A former Carroll man who state prosecutors unsuccessfully tried this year to commit to treatment as a sexually violent predator has been stalking young girls online and asking them for naked photos, according to Fort Dodge police officers. 
  • A 20-year-old Arcadia man was legally drunk when he didn’t yield to a van on U.S. Highway 30 last month that crashed into his car near Scranton, and he and two of his passengers suffered significant injuries, according to court documents. 
  • Men get no prison for flagpole thefts
    Christopher Gay, the last of three men to be sentenced for stealing more than 500 flagpoles from the Carroll American Legion on Memorial Day weekend, will not go to prison for the felony crime if he abides by the terms of his probation for three years. 
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