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  • Police are investigating several reports this month of counterfeit bills discovered by businesses and banks in Carroll.

  • A Carroll farmer has asked a judge to delay a $200-per-day penalty he faces for not complying with an order to remove or shorten his grain-distribution tower that violates protected airspace near the Arthur N. Neu Municipal Airport.

  • An 18-year-old Carroll man who was high on marijuana when he caused a fatal crash in June 2017 was sentenced this week to up to 10 years in prison.

  • Judge allows Bailey to be free on appeal

    A judge denied a prosecutor’s request to require a Gray woman to pay $15,000 cash to be out of jail while she appeals her convictions for child endangerment and neglect.

  • Collison seeks order to halt library project

    Carroll leaders who are at the cusp of obtaining the necessary funding and then launching a multi-million-dollar renovation of the Carroll Public Library and City Hall might have to delay work for months as a dispute with one of the project’s outspoken detractors goes to court.

  • A 54-year-old Carroll man is accused of stealing a grocery cart load of flowers that was sitting on the back side of Hy-Vee late last month.

  • Sex abuse trial goes to Waverly

    The trial of a rural Jefferson man — whose daughter was killed last year after she alleged he sexually abused her — will be held in Waverly next month, according to court records.

  • Judge declares mistrial after grandmother says ‘murder’

    The trial of a rural Jefferson man accused of sexually abusing his now-deceased daughter abruptly ended Wednesday when the girl’s grandmother testified that the girl was murdered.

  • Two Denison police officers who sued city leaders — claiming they were wrongly suspended and terminated — recently reached separate settlements with the city that totalled $900,000.

  • Grandma with meth released on appeal

    Samantha Kay Bailey is a threat to those who testified against her and might flee the country to avoid prison, a county prosecutor argues.

  • A 19-year-old Waukee man was sentenced to up to five years in prison last week for threatening people in Jefferson with a handgun and firing several shots from it into the air last year, according to court records.

  • Man found again in closet with weed

    The 34-year-old Carroll man who was found asleep with marijuana in a hotel coat closet last month was arrested again early Wednesday morning after someone saw him on the floor of an apartment hallway closet, according to court records.

  • ‘Sick. I’m sick. I know’

    Samantha Kay Bailey sought mercy last week in a district courtroom in the minutes before a judge was set to decide her fate.

  • A Carroll dentist was fined $500 this month for allowing a dental assistant to continue to work after her training period expired and wasn’t properly registered with the state.

  • Grandma tries to take back guilty pleas for meth near children

    Someone other than Samantha Kay Bailey is to blame for her grandchildren ingesting her methamphetamine in her house as she slept in April 2017, she tells the Daily Times Herald.

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