August 8, 2013

Completion of the St. Anthony Clinic space, on first floor of the main hospital building, signals the beginning of a second phase of remodeling. Included in the project are expanding and remodeling the laboratory and cancer center.

Also included in the plan is the creation of reflection rooms on first and third floors to provide an area for patients, family members and staff to have a place for quiet reflection. The planning also remodels space to establish a new clinic to address coordination of care for those suffering with chronic disease.

Plans are set to expand and update the laboratory, to allow testing to meet the ever-expanding diagnostic needs. During the construction process, the laboratory will be temporarily relocated to Suite 230 of the Community Health Center.

Expansion and updating in the space occupied by the cancer center will provide more comfort for patients receiving radiation oncology treatment and allow for growth of services in the coming years.

A health coach program is currently being developed by Sara Payer, RN, to address the needs of people who suffer with chronic diseases such as diabetes, wound/ostomy issues, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), and congestive heart failure (CHF). Clinic space will be established in Suite 200, on the second floor of the Community Health Center (the former location of Dr. Nelson Lo's OB/GYN clinic). Redesign of the space will begin soon as work on the remodeling of the first-floor laboratory and cancer center gets under way.

As this program gets under way, diabetes services have already been expanded to serve patients in the Manning area from the St. Anthony Clinic-Manning location. Appointments at the Manning Clinic, with the diabetes nurse, or dietitians, can be made by calling 712-794-5549.