The study will provide a compilation of past trends, existing conditions and future projections in the areas of population, housing, and economic conditions along the route. Additionally, existing conditions of U.S. Highway 30 itself will be collected and evaluated. Existing highway conditions that will be evaluated will include traffic counts, truck traffic, safety, surface width, shoulder width, surface condition, safety issues, high accident locations, trip generation and structures. Each of these points of information will be used to justify and prioritize improvements along U.S. Highway 30.

The U.S. Highway 30 Corridor Study is not a stand alone economic impact study, but a study that focuses on the roadway itself and what is happening in the communities along the corridor. The study is not a thesis on transportation improvements and there relations to economic impact; but a study that again will focus the existing conditions in the communities along the corridor and their need for transportation improvements and the impact that these improvement will have in the future.