So is anyone reading this blog? Let's start a discussion on the best book ever. I'll throw out a couple of my favorites and see what you think. You might want to read mine and I might want to read yours. I was going through some Book Blogs on the web and found some great ideas there. You might want to check these out once you are done giving your opinion here.

Best Teen Fiction- after working in a high school setting for 25 years, I've read lots of teen books. Chris Crutcher is my favorite author hands down. "Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes" tops his books, but "Deadline" is a really close second. Chris writes like he is a teenager with strong characters and emotions. His language is all teenage too, so he's been challenged quite a bit.

Best Chick Lit- gotta have something to read at the pool this summer and Nora Roberts has a great quartet of books to read. Actually, the third of four is coming out this month so there is plenty of time to catch up. The series starts with "Vision in White," followed by "Bed of Roses" and soon to be released "Savor the Moment." Four young women who have been friends since birth, run a wedding business and find the men of their dreams. I wish they were my girlfriends! Jennifer Cruise writes great romance novels too. Start with "Bet Me."

Next week- thrillers and espionage.